BAKETAN Ghost Radar

Ghost Radar, BAKETAN, Cell Phone Strap
Really booming all around Japan!!
Finally, it's unveiled!! Now on Sale!!
Ghost radar, Japanese technology,
catches ghosts!

You can search for ghosts using Baketan!

Simply push the button. The Baketan will start searching for ghosts!
It will blink for about 10 seconds.

If the circumstance around you is nomal, it will stop blinking (shortly, it blinks 3 times in the end.) Oh, you can feel ease =)

HOWEVER, if there is something abnormal in the atmosphere, it cautions you by continuously blinking red and making a buzzing sound!!
There is danger in the area!! Get out of the place you stand!

If you have to stay there, keep pushing the button for a few seconds; then Baketan safe mode starts to expel ghosts from your body!

Go out in the darkest of nights and find ghosts but beware of being possessed by ghosts or devils!!
If you should encounter some unattachable horrible entity, push the Baketan to be protected by its safe mode.

Before we started selling the Baketan Ghost detector, we went to a Japanese shrine which was well-known among the locals to have spiritual activity! This is no commercial story but true! You may not believe it, but the air suddenly got colder and right after that, Baketan detected something unusual... it sirened in RED!!!
Even if you do not have a Baketan in your hand, it keeps searching for ghosts automatically, once every ten minutes!!
From the left to the right, it goes to "safer" colors. When the light goes off, you will see the color and find out how close you are to ghosts or other paranormal phenomena. Red means Danger, Green means you're in a neutral situation and Blue means you are in a safe zone...for now...

Product Image Item Name- Qty. Price
Baketan Ghost Radar Ball Chain (Dark Metal)

Baketan Ghost Radar Ball Chain (Dark Metal)

0 1,890 JPY
(17.70 USD)

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Sold Out

Baketan Ghost Radar Ball Chain (Rising Red)

Baketan Ghost Radar Ball Chain (Rising Red)

0 1,590 JPY
(14.90 USD)

... more info
Sold Out

Baketan Ghost Radar Ball Chain (Wave Metal)

Baketan Ghost Radar Ball Chain (Wave Metal)

0 2,230 JPY
(20.80 USD)

... more info
Sold Out

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