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The One Day Sale Starts from 13:00 and ends 13:00 the next day in Japan Standard Time. Please see the time table below and check out when the sale starts in your area.
USA (San Francisco) 20:00 The Day Before
USA (New York) 23:00 The Day Before
Canada (Vancouver) 20:00 The Day Before
Canada (Tronto) 23:00 The Day Before
Brazil 02:00
UK 04:00
Spain 05:00
France 05:00
Germany 05:00
Italy 05:00
Quwait 07:00
Thailand 11:00
Singapore 12:00
Hong Kong 12:00
Taiwan 12:00
Korea 13:00
Australia 15:00
treasure hunting
free gift
5 dollar sale
5 dollar sale
Niconico Nekomura Cat Earphone Jack Plug
Accessory Ver. 3 (Tora/Jump)
Sanrio Characters x Hello Kitty Plush Doll Hybrid
Earphone Jack Accessory (Hello Kitty)
Plug Apli Glittering
Muffin Earphone Jack
Accessory (Strawberry)
FIT Pastel Neck
Cell Phone Strap
KIMONO iPhone 4 Case
REMAK Celebrity
iPhone 5/iPhone 5s
Case (Black)
Sanrio Hello Kitty
Scented Squishy Mascot
Ball Chain (Black)
Sanrio Hello Kitty
Face-Shaped Carabiner
Cell Phone Strap (Red)
Disney Mickey Mouse
HandLinker EXTRA
with Carabiner Cell Phone
Neck Strap (Black)
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1 dollar sale
1 dollar sale
GUM Strap Charm Button for iPhone 4/3G(S)
and Cell Phones (Black)
PenNe x FIT for iPhone (Pink)
Charm APLI World
Heritage Earphone
Jack Accessory
(Great Buddha of Nara)
Plug Apli Pee Boy
Earphone Jack Accessory
Plug Apli Animal
Earphone Jack Accessory
(Black Cat)
Sushi Charm Apli
Earphone Jack Accessory
Charm Apli Teppan-yaki
Earphone Jack Accessory
Touch Me! Button Stickers
for iPhone, iPod and iPad
PenNe 3-in-1 Dock
Connector Neck Strap
with Touch Pen for
iPhone/iPod (Silver)
Angel's Smart
Wing Stand (Mint)
>> more
free gift
free gift

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