about iFace

In the pursuit of functionality and beautiful design.

iFace is a brand to elevate your smartphone to the next level.

Popular among younger generations, it has gathered a loyal following of famous Korean idols and entertainers.

This stylish and modern brand has even became a focus on Twitter and Instagram.


First Class

Excellent grip with variety of colors.

iFace First Class features eye-catching vivid colors.

Case is designed in an S-shape for an easy, comfortable grip.

Rubberized edge helps you maintain your hold and prevents phone from sliding.

Extremely durable and designed to absorb impact.

First Class 特徴

Streamlined FitEasy Handheld GripStrap Hole

Impact Shock Absorption

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Revolution specializes in the grip and having beautiful design.

Streamlined for a minimalistic look with shock absorption.

You can experience the same easy grip but a different look from the First Class.

Revolution 特徴

Back of case is curved for easy grip with fingers

Easy Grip HoldImpact Shock Absorption

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Lightweight feel due to its slim design.

Fits the curve of the hand with its rounded back and edges.

Sensation Series has a thicker vertical TPU structure designed to absorb shocks and impacts.

Sensation 特徴

Curved back for easy gripRound curves fits even small hands

Slim and LightweightImpact Shock Absorption

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Slim, innovative design and rounded body.

Only case in iFace series that has a card holder.

This case was created with the needs of the consumer in mind as well as with impeccable design and reliable technology.

Innovation 特徴

Curved back for easy gripSlot to hold 1 card

Slim DesignImpact Shock Absorption

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iFace Style


The iPhone is beautiful and can be appreciated for its attractive design.

The iFace Style series was created to highlight the minimal beauty of the iPhone but add an edge.

3D design is on the inside, so the case maintains a smooth, flat surface. Comes in three designs: dot, stripe, and prism.

The clear TPU material provides excellent protection and maintains the iPhone's slim design.

Style 特徴

High quality TPU that stays clear and transparent

Thorough Quality ControlHigh Protection Performance

Soft MaterialEdgy Casual Style



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