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About Hamee
www.strapya-world.com is the international division of the No.1 online cell phone strap (accessory) store in Japan, Hamee Corp. Hamee Corp. was founded in 1998 by Atsushi Higuchi. Attaching a cell phone charm to a cell phone has become a part of the Japanese culture in the last decade. At Hamee, we provide the most amount of cell phone straps on top of a lot of other cell phone accessories in the world. Our main goal is to bring a smile and happiness, on top of a little taste of Japanese culture into your everyday life. "From Japan to you, We Bring Cell Phone Straps to you with Love" has been our motto at Hamee, meaning we treat each and every single customer of ours with respect and love. With this motto and the support from our loyal Hamee customers, Hamee has become the best selling online cell phone accessory store in the world. In 2009, Hamee is building a brand new office in China, which is the first office of Strapya's outside of Japan in its history. In the next couple of years, Hamee is planning on expanding throughout the world to spread the Japanese culture called cell phone straps around the world. Whether this is your first time on our website or the 1,000th time, we are very excited that you are visiting Hamee!

Hamee Awesome Location
Our headquarters location, Japan. *currently, no brick and motor stores.
History & Evolution of Hamee
1998/May Macrowill Co. Ltd, previous company of StrapYa, was founded.
Jun Our memorial first website (Japanese) was opened, there were only 30 items.
Oct Macrowill cyber store carried over 400 items.
1999/Aug Japanese biggest shopping mall "Rakuten Market" StrapYa was launched.
Sep Our Present C.O.O., Mr. Kitamura, joined and start selling for mass consumers.
Nov Confectionery Gift Shop "Akaimi" was established in Rakuten Market.
Animation Figure Straps sold like pancakes on e-bay & Yahoo Auction(no website for overseas at the time, just for research). Tomonari Higuchi, present International Sales Manager, were aware of fabulous sum of potential needs around the world.
2001/Mar StrapYa mobile site was set up. Mr. Takahashi, Special Technical Manager, joined.
Sep StrapYa English Site was finally made up! Mr. Torii became the store manager.
2002/Jul StrapYa i-mode site, ez-web site, J-phone site were opened respectively.
May-Dec Atsushi higuchi, C.E.O. Started showing off StrapYa on TV, Magazines and mails.
2003/Feb Tomanari Higuchi opened the New English StrapYa and expanded the store scale.
April Yahoo Shopping (Japanese) StrapYa was greatly opened by Yuji Omata.
May Akaimi web owner, Kaori Iwata, set up the second store on Yahoo Shopping.
2004/Jan Web Master, Akira Takasugi joined and opened Japanese Yahoo Auction.
Jan Domestic Wholesale Mg. Hiroshi Nakai became our crew and broadened the sales.
Jan. 30th For Billions of people, Tomonari Higuchi renewed StrapYa English site again!!
Mar. 24th Jewel Pops.com, Jewelry specialty store opened.
2005/ Apr. Miss Hukuzawa (yuuki) joined in Strapya Team, International Dept. to serve you!
Jun. 1st Strapya Design Office is opened in Tokyo, Aoyama.
Jul Marimo (spherical Moss) Phone Strap released and has recorded smash hit!
Dec 140,000 pairs of Bojobo Wishing Dolls sold and hit our best selling record!
2006/ Apr Achieved US$8.0M Annual Sales Total in 05-06 fiscal year
Apr Strapya Domestic/ International Fulfillment center opened in Kashiwa Chiba
May Renewed Company Name, Trademark: Strapya Next Co., Ltd.
Jul. 9th Our flagship international website, Strapya-World opened.
Jul Miss Marimo Oosasa joins the Strapya Team, International Dept.
2007/Apr Strapya introduces the "ZERO" series.
July Opens up the Strapya Next Amazon Division.
Sep System Division Project officially begins at Strapya Next.
2008/Feb Develops the world's first ever solar energy cell phone charger called Solar Charge eco.
May System Division develops a software called, "Next Engine".
Oct www.strapya-world.com's renewal is completed.
Dec Hamee marks all-time best income profit in its history.
2009/Mar Kosuke "FKO" Fujii joins the StrapyaNext. Co., Ltd. Sales International Dept.
Jun Hamee expands to China. Building its first international office in Shanghai, China.
Jun Seiji "Shining Field" Kouno joins the StrapyaNext Co., Ltd. International Sales Dept.
Jun Tomonari Higuchi and Shirly Teng relocates to Shanghai, China.
Sep Eiko Ryo joins the Strapya China Team
Sep FKO set the highest B to B sales record in company history.
Oct Seiji "Shining Field" Kouno relocates to Shanghai, China.
Nov Hamee sets the new record for all-time monthly sales in its history.
Dec Hamee resets the record for all-time monthly sales in its history.
2010/Mar Strapya China Team renames the company name to Nigishow Trading Co., Ltd.
Aug Hamee sets the highest quarterly sales in its history
Sept FKO renews his own B to B sales which he set in September of 2009
Nov FKO becomes the new manager of Hamee.
Dec James Sweatman joins the StrapyaNext Co., Ltd. Int'l Sales Dept. as an intern
2011/Jan Seiji "Shining Field" Kouno comes back to Japan
May James "Sweaty" Sweatman officially joins the StrapyaNext Co., Ltd. Int'l Sales Dept.
July Hamee Amazon officially open
Oct Strapya Korea Co., Ltd. established (Shining Field becomes the president)
Nov Keiko Kato joins the StrapyaNext Co., Ltd. International Sales Department
Dec Hamee breaks the all-time monthly sales record
2013/August Pierre Lin joins the StrapyaNext Co., Ltd. International Sales Department.
November Pratik Nayek joins the StrapyaNext Co., Ltd. International Sales Department.
2013/May StrapyaNext Co.,Ltd. changes its official name to Hamee Corp.
June Hamee Corp. opens a USA branch in San Francisco.
August Hamee Corp. moves to the new office located in Odawara EPO 5F, 2-9-39 Sakae-cho, Odawara, Kanagawa 250-0011, Japan

Other Websites of Hamee Corp.
Japanese http://hamee.co.jp/, Corporate Website of Hamee Corp. (JAPAN)
Japanese www.strapya.com, our Japanese flagship store. for Japan residents only.
Japanese www.nigishow.com, called "Nigiwai Shoten" The Japan's biggest gadget store!
Chinese http://strapya.taobao.com/, our Chinese flagship store for China residents.
English www.youtube.com/user/tomonaring, Hamee's must-see awesome videos!
English Hamee Blog Writers: Pratik Nayek
English https://www.facebook.com/strapyaworldfanpage Hamee FB Fan Page

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