Strapya-X1600 Hologram Smartphone
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Strapya-X1600 Hologram Smartphone
The Strapya Smartphone is scheduled to be released at the beginning of April.
Additional Functions
Control any electronic devices in your home, car or office through your Smartphone.
Virtually drive your car, without being inside it!
Will calculate your yearly taxes (with online Banking app)
Will translate your language into any language you wish in real time!
When playing music, the lyrics are projected.
Every function can be voice controlled.
Perfect recognition and interpretation of over 150 languages.
Instead of video chatting, you can do a Hologram Chat.
Project their entire full-size HD image as if they are right there!
Full 3D renderings of cities using HoloGPS.
Displays full 360 degree 3D product views when mobile shopping.
3D TV. Records and plays any TV shows from anywhere in the world.
Ride a rollercoaster with our Virtual Rollercoaster app!
Fly anywhere in the world with the "I Believe I Can Fly" app!
Literally visit anywhere in the world with the Google Earth app!
Visit the Amazon Rainforest, the peaks of the Swiss Alps, the middle of the Roman Coliseum, or stand right in the middle of the Running of the Bulls in Barcelona!
Can project a perfect HD display up to 20 x 20 feet!
What other amazing capabilities does the
Strapya X-1600 have?

The X-1600 is Sim Free. It works anywhere in the world, and can be signed up for any provider! Whether you live in Japan, India, Brazil, Australia or the United States. You can buy this smartphone and it will work with ANY provider! We guarantee it!

We are so confident in the X-1600 that we will pay for your first year of service, and the cancellation fee if you decide to drop your current contract!

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Hologram Projector Approx. H: 4.3 x W: 2.2 x D: 3.4 inches
Receiver Approx. H: 2 x W: 10 x D: 3 inches
Hologram Max Size
Holograms can be projected to a size up to H: 240 x 240 inches with perfect HD display.
Polycarbonated Plastic Coating, Samarium-Cobalt, Neodymium Earth Magnets, Carbon Nanotube Technology
Products Included
Hologram Projector
Adaptors for Televisions, Computers, Automobiles and other Smartphones (for data syncing)
* This device is not intended anyone with a heart problem, epilepsy, vertigo or nausea.
* Please note that this device might take control of your entire life, improving every aspect of it.
All photos were taken courtesy of This page was created in light of the ever so entertaining holiday that lands on the first day of the fourth month of every year. Strapya World did not create these photos, only altered them as a part of a light-hearted marketing campaign. There is no intention to take full credit for the artwork or the hologram smartphone idea.

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