Oh, it's been almost 3wks since my last diary update.. sorry guys but my store is open 24/7 :)
My staff keep working well while I am checking super brathtaking stuff for your surprise!

By the way, there was TV program featured us and you can see me being interviewed. TV TOKYO
Trend Tamago of World Business Satellite
, the best TV program for business in Japan.
(click the red banner!)

Should I turn my job into a fake celebrity??
Yes, I'm a fake and never be an ignorant celebrity!


Tomo's proberbs:

#1: All men envy Chocolates and other sweets becuase Girls fall in love with sweets a couple of times a day!

#2: a Chocolate bar says nothing but it attracts her... when she ended up eating it, shestarts thinking of another...

#3: Sushi bars are now all around the world but Soy Source is not as tasty as Japan's.
However, when it comes to Sushi Cell Phone Strap Food Charms, wow! You don't have to buy Kikkoman!


Cherry Blossom, Sakura, has opend the breth-taking flowers throughout Japan Islands.
Its enchantment catches your eyes, heart and every thinking you can come up with then but it's only for some little moments.
Its beauty makes you memorize how elegantly Sakura opens the petals forever in a sec but the petals fall down just a few days later... comes so late but goes so fast.. this is pretty much close to one element of wabi-sabi Japanese inherites generation to generation and now it's even in your mind...

March 29th

Do I terribly got flu??

I'm not sure but my body temparature goes up rapid dly since last night.

We have uploaded too many new items and I just made most of the products' pages to show them to you quickly.

They are not in our stroe fron but you can find many by digginig up categories =D)

I'll be totally fine, sorry!

Thank you for your help, I love you guys so much!

Why do I have to suffer so much from hay fever??
It make me ke



Why do I have to suffer so much from hay fever??
It make me keep sneezing and my nose is always running like a three or four-year-old and naughty boy..
Oh, can't go out... I am a pollen phobia these days (>_<)"

Wish you are not like me and please go out and enjoy your March!! dancin' dancing =)

By the way, we are planning to carry a trashcan... trash bucket..

Star Wars is now 30 years and its 30th anniversary memorial trashcan, which figure is as real as the real R2D2!!, what do you think? here is a little preview of it!

We think receiving pre-orders from the end of mar or early next month =3)

Let me hear what you think... the price would be ... around 145USD.

Have a nice day!


Now I am crazy about new stuff we got today!
Sooo let's see me Tomorrow's e-zine Exposure =)

Secret Leak #1

JAJABOON Leather Coin Wallet Cell Phone Strap

No more Purse to go to neighborhood!
Quite Convenient! but the quality and design are still super!

Secret Leak #2

Girls Secret XD)
Cosmetics Lip Rouge and all beauty-up must-haves as cell phone straps!

Oh, I think I am spilling too much beans (>_<)"
See you soon!


hOwDy Do??
2 Many updates XD)

[[update 1]]
Shoot the Invader you like! Strapya Invader Game is now right above this diary, hit one or more aliens and see the results, he he he...

[[update 2]]
I uploaded one big plush doll's photos.
Her name is Momo-chan.
I think some of you know her because normal sized her is always in strapya store ;)
I am thinking seriously if we carry her in our store.. shipping would be high and customers have to pay way too much (X_X)"
If we carry it, the unit price would be around US$25.00 because we have to put some "hidden" shipping fee on it.

Also, one Italian girl, Ornella, customized her devil hello kitty charms and made her original earrings, fantastic!!!

[[update 3]]

See and find in my site!

[update 4]
finally my diary updated!

[[update 5]]
I became 26, WOW!!

Have a nice weekend <3


a little belated (but never mind..) A Happy New Year!
All we Strapya team wish you'll spend this brandnew year with full of joy, love and luck!

"Don't say such nice words withoug any offer!"
Who said this??
Ummm (>_<)" but that opinion should be making a good point and now I have started feeling like doing something special for you!

Aha! Cell Phone Funny and curious camera lens are at 40%-off!

By the way, sending a greeting card in 1st week of new year is common and a part of polite way of japanese human communication!
It's called "nengajo" =3)
You'll find our special offer, a coupon!

Enjoy the offer!!


How do you enjoy your Xmas ;3) ??

With lovers, family or friends, spending Xmas with someone is so fan and will be your great memory.
And even if you are alone, you shouldn't feel lonely, folks.
The Person of the Year, 2006, TIME magazine chose is YOU, wow!!
Thanks to the seamless and speedy global spider webs, you can be the Star anytime, beat Paris Hilton, Camelon Diaz or any flashy celebs or jerks!!

Five-Star Patisier's Chocolate Phone Straps

Celebrate Yourself!
You did so well this year and I am sure you will be even greater in your 2007! Fabulous ;)


Today, I found a miracle!
"Fusion of Rody from Italy and Snario Hello Kitty from Japan" (^o ^;)?!

Lately, Hello kitty puts on Rody Costume for fun!
It's her winter style to get over the cold winter!

Rody x Sanrio Hello Kitty Cell Phone Strap

Happy Xmas!


Too early to feel like celebrate Xmas??
Oh please!! :S

Now Strapya is in the center of Year-End Shopping "crazy" spree!

So now we have stocked items excessively to deliver you quickly =)

Stocked #1
Death Note Figure Collection
- ship immediately!

#2 Chupa Chups Ball Point Pen
Yes! immediately, too ;)

#3 Nitendo W11 Whistle Charm Phone Strap
- Why not?! immeditately!!

Come on visit and enjoy shopping with us today!

*I believe EMS shipping to USA, for example, just takes 4 - 7 days.
Therefore, I recommend you place your order beforer round 18th!

And don't forget pre-order our Lucky Bag, FUKUBUKURO!!

2 Many Japan's Goodie Goodies!


You may not believe it or you may be quite curious about it.
Our partner company, Solid Alliance invented UFO & ALien Detecter last week.
It's compact enough to use as a unique UFO-shaped cell phone strap.
Whether or not you believe in UFO & Aliens, it searches and let you know by its beeps & sirens.
There is no gimmick about it.
It calculate the atomosphere around you and lead the right answer in seconds.
As its special adviser & a techniqual supporter, the Mr. UFO, Junichi Yaoi joined in the project.
Now you can see his interview and the introduction of the UFO Detector YUTAN on Youtube!

Yutan UFO & Alien Checker Product Page
UFO detector YUTAN Yuutan is on sale at strapya

Oh, now i'm impressed to know Japanese technology and humanbeings finally caught the existences of both UFO & Aliens scientifically!


Hi =)
Now I deployed some videos from youtube so that you feel more familiar with our products or you can can more knowledge/ background of a products.

e.g.) Calorie Mate Cell Phone Straps

Finally Strapya has become a web 2.0-International retailer?!

My answer is not yet or I even think we Strapya is noting but a small web-retail store which size is a tiny kiosk of rural city of Internet space world.

"Soon rape soon rotten"
Being a successful huge scaled e-store is really good for all merchants? I think NO.

Growing rapidly over its own size/ capacity causes bunch of inconvenience which should suffer thousands of its customers/ business partners from feeling happy...

I don't want to describe the reasons but you know some from word-of-mouth news or news on TV/ of magazine or news paper.

Oh, this diary seems like serious...

Anyway, strapya is always you-centered
Our business scale doesn't matter!
We care for and treat you at our best effort beyond differences of languages, religeons, currencies, time-zone, genders or anything else causing inconvenience sometimes.

You are welcome!


Hiya =D)

Now Hello Kitty is in the Hello named SANRIO lovely hell!
The hell is not that terrible but the place you feel comfortable so much with Hello Kitty Devis ;)
The ticket to the hell is here, check out!


I found myself wearing a long sleeves this morning.
Oh, I thought it's still summer but found this summer had totally gone (xux)" never mind.

Since it's autumn, we have got to think of gifts for Halloween, Christmas... otherwise, we may lose dearest lovers?!
I know nobody's willing to pay hundreds of $s for that .
So we as a dream-supply-retailer, have to show you some wonderfully-fully or -lovely accessories.

You may click our Halloween banners of the storefront to see Halloween novelties.
Plus, following peral is my bestest pushing must-have accessory for your autumn & winter gift!

Canned pearl necklace, Have fun! be beautiful! and save a lot!!
Can Pearl, pearl in mother-of-pearl shell! canned pearl necklace

See ya =)


Good day today!
It's getting cool and chilly cold... sounds good but bit sad..
In such a season, a cell phone charm(s) put in your cell gives you cheer!
In this way, now we Strapya in a great season =)

By the way, I'll be in Seoul tonight and back on 18th.
So if you need my assitance, please contact my assitant, Marimo san or Yuuki san.
They will gladly treat you as our best customer =)


Hello, my friends ;)

I am pretty good today as you are =D)

There will be a big event in Japan called Tokyo International Gift Show where thousands of Japanese toy makers, food stores and manufacutres open booths with hundreds of foreign companies.
I am going there, so that's why I am so excited today!

As Strapya rep. I will visit all toy company booths and it would take two days to conqure them all!

I will be there as VIP and so if anyone of you have a chance to come the event, by any chance, let me know =)
I can take you to special meeting room and provide you perfect-match-meeting exclusively!

This year-end, you'll see bunch of fabulous/ super-funny (or lovely) items, wait & see!


Oh, Summer is almost over?!
When I hear Aug-22nd, I feel like summer is weakened by gentle pushing of wonderful autumn =)

My favorite season is late october and november!
September is still hot.
Plus, Typhoon is so much terrible (xux)"
But I know you like this summer season, lots of fun by hot temparature, full of love by the heat!
As a Strapya International Mgr. my mission of this summer is to expand sales up to 200%, oh how many more degrees the God should heat up??
Now My office is boiled!

See ya!


We've came to the end of our 1st quater.
As you may not know, we plan to list us to Japanese market called, TSE Mothers.
Our Japanese sites well expand sales, 160% groth to last year.

There is some obscure points about how my international websites contribute to my company but the key for the market-listing is my international business.

By the way, Blythe Belle Figures are now what every girly x2 japanese girls want.
In your country, Blythe is know as Blythe Dolls and Japanese Blythe Dolls are called Blythe Bell.
now we have stock of the figures for you.
Although Blythe Bell Dolls are just one case, I believe my site can provide a great opportunity for people longing for Japaneese Fantastic Stuff which are all very up-to-date and well quality.

Oh, I have got to serve you better... =D)


We've came to the end of our 1st quater.
As you may not know, we plan to list us to Japanese market called, TSE Mothers.
Our Japanese sites well expand sales, 160% groth to last year.

There is some obscure points about how my international websites contribute to my company but the key for the market-listing is my international business.

By the way, Blythe Belle Figures are now what every girly x2 japanese girls want.
In your country, Blythe is know as Blythe Dolls and Japanese Blythe Dolls are called Blythe Bell.
now we have stock of the figures for you.
Although Blythe Bell Dolls are just one case, I believe my site can provide a great opportunity for people longing for Japaneese Fantastic Stuff which are all very up-to-date and well quality.

Oh, I have got to serve you better... =D)


I thought I was young.. but just noticed that I wasn't much these days.
I think you also have a similar feeling like this, don't you??
Now my favorite sport is YOGA!
I love the misterious posings, smooth breathings and the purpose!
Some people say Yoga is not a sport but it is absolutely!
Be a Yoga player, be healthy like me!
Yoga Posing Figure Cell Phone Strap Charm
Now Yoga figure phone straps on sale =)


Hi, good day today!
Oh, I did notice that I passed July and now rode on the wave of August!
Tim goes on....

But when I saw this August calender (you see at the bottom of this homepage), I remembered that I struggle agains a couple of mosquitos last night... but they got two bites on my left leg and waist... itchy & scratchy..

If you already have a similar situation this summer or don't wanna have it, why don't you bring pisuta-kun??

Say Good bye to MOSQUITOS, no itchy this summer!
Pisuta kun phone strap

It's also wonderful as fregrant stuffed toy!
You can put your perfume without putting the repellent liquid, what a perfect pal, Pisuta-kun =)


When I woke up this morning, I did not realize it was July now.
How's the weather in your area?
In here, Japan, its notorious himidity has gone away and we have received tons endless water showers for days!
It's good cuz the temparature is fine but it's terrible for outgoing people, not me =)

This is not a strapya related topic at all!
My father's company has just renewed its website:
And some english pages are avaialble for your better understandings about Tivoli =D)
It's sweet and yum yum!
One of my dreams is to provide the cookies and chocolates to the world!
I translated all the English pages incidentally.
(you can go to english page from the buttom lacated at the bottom of the homepage)

See ya!

July 19th

Yes, it's time to release Strapya Exclusive Cell Phone Gadget!
I know we have carried too many peculiar/ unusual funny items but this is more than that!
I invented this japanese Handy Fan Cell Phone Strap (sensu in Japanese)
Let's have a peep =D)
This Summer's Must-have! Strapya Japanese handy Fan Sensu Phone Strap!
I know really well how wonderfully you want to spend this summer with lover... oh sweet!
But beware of the terrible sunny sun shine! Hot x 2 temperature!
Summer can be your enemy if you don't bring some useful stuff like this =D)

July 10th

I haven't written anything for a while, sorry! but now I finally started punching up kewboard to keep this diary =)
There is one reason that I couldn't keep my diary for such a while.
Ooops, I cannot keep that in secret (>_<)"
That's a new strapya website I have been constructing these days and now it's all completed =)
I am planning to open it on Monday or Tuesday.
Of course, you can have a peep and enjoy your shopping there!
It's more convenient, efficient and even more reasonable!!

Although there are some dumb errors on some pages, don't blame me, just ignore them and find out other new features such as trackback URLs, stress-free page scrolling and more more more!!
(shhh! this is strapya's top confidential only you and me know :S)


Too early to get calm about World Cup ---

It was like a quick dream I often see in a nap.
Japan National Team eventually couldn't win in their 3 games.
Brazil is regarded as one of the best team in the tournament.
But Nobody thought Japan got lost ouf of there in such a early phase..
All Japanese Stocks related to World Cup have been dragged down to get the hell...
Oh, God!
Why did you choose to drop that miserable big bomb over all Japanese...

I realized one thing at the bottom of my deep sorrow.
We Japan was defeated by others but no one made a fool of them because they did their best at the biggest stage of the world.
So I want to tell something here to Japanese Media, please don't blame their plays, directions of the coarch.
If you had been one of them, you wouldn't have contributed so well to all the people watching the game as they actually did!!


Viva World Cup!
Hi mates!
It's gonna be one of the greatest day in 2006.
Guess what?
My country, Japan national team has a tournament match with Australian Team soon today!
Yeah, I know it's gonna be a tough game, hard fight!!
But I believe we'll win cuz they are quit a bit tightly united!
Yeah, Australia is one of my preferred contory though.... Japan should stands head & shoulders above Australia & some others but not that much of that of Brazil, England, France, Germany or Algentine.
If you have any opposite idea against my opinion, please think like this before you start expressing it to me:
I am neither a nationalist , a japan football freak, nor a racist.
But it's quite natural for anybody to give his biggest cheer to his own country.
So please don't blame me, even if you are from Australia.
And if you are, let's watch the game on TV and have the super exciting/ spectacular Soccer Match tonight =)


Hi, this is tomo.
I had my hair cut and my hairdo is like a innocent boy =))

I did not intend to show up my hairdo-photo publicly but I was careless, now it's in our official blog (>_<)""

Yuuki was sneaky enough taking that photo without appealing to my conscious, oh yes! but it was almost there but stopped in my pre-conscious!

My recommend of the day!!

It's time to play harmonica!!


We are one and only webstore carrying Japanese official Sanrio Kitty stuff to the world from here, Japan.
But that's not enough for us and of course not adequate to honor requests =0)
While Sanrio charms stays as our steady best-sellings, we have been carrying a bunch of sweet character stuff from SAN-X!
Oh, if you don't know San-X, I bet you better remember it ;)
Tarepanda, Kogepan, these two characters were well-known as San-X characters a couple of years ago.
Now San-X has Relakkuma, Wanroom, Tsuginohi Kerori, Supoken & Monokuro Boo in additon to the two!
Let's see them out and enjoy shopping =D)
san-x relakkuma and his friends at strapya cell toy store!!


It's been so hard for me to overcome this situation (>_<)"
Now i'm engaged in some important project for improvement of our english dept. to provide you even better service.
To get the most, now I, Yuki and Kiwa are all in hard-work 24/7 (precisely not 24/7 but 18/6 roughly)

So what are we working so hard for??
Hehehe... talk to you soon.... =()

btw, this is OMAMORI phone strap, kewpie ver.
what's OMAMORI??
that's very small but a strong talisman =D)


well, since I do sell our stuff from here, Japan, I mean our store selling- style is unique, I thought more dedicating Japan-pop products would make you happier than ever!!

Okidoki, how about these??
Following are just for Japanese Geeks!!

Fuuu~! Lasor Ramon HG Super Hard Gay Voice Phone Strap!!

You play as if you are on the field in Germany Worldcup!!


It's been a long Japanese holdiday this week =)
Please don't think I am being lazy without working, I and all my workers incl Yuuki are impatient while this holiday, all we want to start working for you!!

Alright, one creepy story here... (nonfiction of course)

I went out to see how Ghost Radar Cell Phone Strap Charm worked..

 I and friends of mine went to an old building well-known as ghost spot!
Yeah, I kept it active for a while and maybe after 50times activations of its ghost radar, it flashes with some unusual light signals gblinked in Red continuously!h
The right spot I was sitting then was the spot believed as the place one worker from a mutual fund company commited suicidec this is all true story and let me know if you are skeptical but this is truec


Konnichiwa~ hi, this is tomo!
Do me a favor, my firend =)
Do you have an account in Orkut (SNS site)??
I and all my staff want to start being closer with you in Orkut community!
So if you have one, please invite me and be a closer friend =D)

BTW, we uploaded one super item today!
super what??
Hehehehhee, check out!!
Dog & Bear Mascot Ball Chains but they are also lovable Tote Bags!!
Dog & Bear Tote Bags but they are usually go with you as ball chain phone straps!!