Privacy & Return Policy

Security/Privacy Policy
Your security matters to us!
We guarantee a 100% secure shopping experience.
Our privacy policy is absolutely customer-centered.

Your information; including your address, phone number, e-mail address, and inquiry e-mails are NEVER provided to any third party for any reason.

Here at Hamee, we are very thorough and sensitive to your privacy.
We have deployed Geo SSL pages for all payment pages. We have customized the Zen Cart shopping cart and deployed GeoTrust service for your safety.

Strapya uses Zen Cart, the Art of e-commerce

In addition to seamless and reliable privacy protection, we use the SBI Veritranse security program for all transactions made on the Hamee website.

When you place an order from our site or enter your information into our database,
it remains confidential and is never exposed to any third parties whatsoever.
Our SSL pages encrypt all of your personal data, such as your name, address, and credit card information. We GUARANTEE 100% secure shopping.


Hamee does NOT accept debit cards. In the event you use a debit card and it is accepted, you may inadvertently be charged twice for the order. Hamee will promptly issue a refund for the second charge as quickly as possible. Hamee does not steal from its customers, but unfortunately the payment system is set up this way. We sincerely apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause to potential debit card users.

If you would like to make a payment by debit card, please pay via Paypal. For more information on Paypal, please visit

Hamee 30-Day Return Policy

All return requests must be returned to us within 30 days of original arrival date.
If one or more items of your order do not meet your expectations and they are unopened, please contact us at with the following information:

* Reason for returning
* Purchaser name
* Order ID (Ex. Order #W-123456)
* Name of Item(s) and SKU number

(Ex. HandLinker Putto Carabiner Strap SKU - 41-820551)

Once we receive this information, we will proceed to check your order and contact you within 3 business days.

Please make sure to read the terms and conditions mentioned here before you return product(s).

* Products valued at over $75 (≒ JPY7,500) must be returned to us with a traceable shipping service.

* We will refund the amount the customer paid for the product(s).

* We will not refund the shipping fee the customer paid for the product(s).

* We will process refund after we receive product(s) and check out the quality of product(s).

* If the customer returns any used product(s) or opened product(s),
the customer will receive only up to 50% of product’s price.

* The return fee is responsibility of the customer even if the customer opts for free shipping service.

Once we confirm with you, please return it to the following address

Return Shipping Address in Japan

Hamee Fulfilment Center
Nakano Shokai Warehouse/Seicho Inc. Warehouse
1066-2 Takada, Kashiwa-Shi
Chiba-Ken 277-0861, Japan

Attn: Marimo Osasa

Return Shipping Address in USA

Hamee CS Team
442 Smilax Road
San Marcos, CA, 92078
Phone: 760-571-9622

Within 5 business days after we receive the returned item, we will refund you the full amount of the product price through Paypal.

* We will refund the amount from the original date of purchase.

* Paypal requires a small transaction fee. This fee is not covered with the refund amount.

* We cannot refund to the payment paid by a Paypal Gift Card. If the product is paid by a Papal Gift Card, we will exchange the product instead of issuing a refund.

Returned Parcel

In the event the local post office attempts the final delivery to the destined address, but fails to complete the delivery; they might send the package back to Hamee. If this happens, the procedures are as follows:

-When the package reaches the office, Hamee will immediately contact the customer to make them aware that their package is back in Japan.

-From the date Hamee contacts the customer, the customer will then have 30 days to respond to Hamee. (If there is no customer response, the package will be refunded)

- The customer can elect to either have the package sent back to them or ask for a refund.

* In the event the package is returned to the customer for a second time, the 2nd shipping fee will be the responsibility of the customer.

* In the event a refund is requested, Hamee can only refund the amount of the product from the original order; the original shipping fee will be forfeited.

Defective or unsatisfactory products

If an item(s) in your order is damaged, items are missing or appear to be different from what you originally ordered, please report it to us within 10 days of the arrival date: Contact us.

Please contact us at with the following information:

* Description of defect/discrepancy of product
* Purchaser name
* Order ID (Ex. Order #W-123456)
* Name of Item(s) and SKU number
(Ex. HandLinker Putto Carabiner Strap SKU - 41-820551)

(SKU number can be found on the product's page underneath the price of the product.)

You will be asked to provide photo or video evidence which clearly illustrates the damage and/or discrepancy of the product in question. Hamee will not offer a replacement to anyone who refuses to provide photo or video evidence that definitively illustrate damages or discrepancies.

* If a replacement is warranted, returning the damaged product back to Hamee is not necessary.

* The 2nd shipping fee will be covered by Hamee provided that the product has not received any customer damage.

* Refund is credited via Paypal within 5 business days after returned item has arrived.
No other refund method is applied.

* We cannot refund to the payment paid by a Paypal Gift Card. If the product is paid by a Papal Gift Card, we will exchange the product instead of issuing a refund.

60-Day Air Mail Policy

Hamee has a 60-day Air Mail policy. In the event that you used Air Mail shipping and your package is lost, damaged or stolen during the shipping process; we can opt to take action either via refund or sending you a replacement package. The 60-day period starts from the date the shipment is delivered, not from the date the order is placed.

*Please note that any issues regarding delayed packages must be brought to the attention of the Hamee Strapya staff within 60 days of the date the order was shipped.

Please note that we cannot -

-Expedite or speed up the 60 day period under any circumstances.
-Refund you for the cost of shipping.
-Guarantee that all the products you originally ordered will be in stock after waiting 60 days.
*If the product is not in stock and/or discontinued, we will refund you for the loss of the product.

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