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Multi-Use Octopus Tripod for Cell Phone and Digital Camera (Grey)
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Model: 137-102619
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Multi-Use Octopus Tripod
for Cell Phones, iPhone & Digital Cameras

Enjoy Taking a picture, watching TV/ Movie on your cell phone hands-free! Octupus Tripod holds your cell phone/ digital camera instead!
Flexible but Tight Foot stand by your cell phone / iPhone / digital camera! The Cell Phone Catcher is patent-pending innovative function ;)
This Three-foot Octupus Catches and Holds on your mobile phone tightly! Of course, Digital Camera can bewell-suspended by screw, too!

With the catcher, you can have your cell phone held by this wise octopus! without the catcher, well, screw your sony, cannon or any compact digital camera you have on it!
Nipper catches your cell phone.
Digital camera can be holded by a screw.
Just push to attach / dettach the amount part.
Watch TV/ See Pictures with friends stress-free! or you may use the tripod to take a photo by your camera phone so as not to get a fuzzy image.
It works well both indoor & outdoor, what a active octopus! it lives in the land and no O2 required to keep it live actively!
ctupus Tripod consists of:

#Tripod Body
#Tripod Catcher for Cell Phones and mini mobilve devices (up to 55mm in width)
#Compact Slide Deck
undefined creature... Stronger than Jap spiders... No work but watch TV
Free from worring locations For high angle shot! Play like this :D) Sumo?!
tripod size (Nippers folded and legs straighten) approx. L18.5 s W4.5 x D4.5cm
applicable cell phone / digital camera size within 4.5 -5.5cm
screw approx. 0.6cm (diameter)
tripod height approx. 4.5 -15.0cm
It holds a cell phone or digital camera up to 350g

This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 08 December, 2007.

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