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Personalized Japanese Automobile License Plate Cell Phone Strap
1,340 JPY
(11.10 USD)
Model: 360-car-plate-st
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This item is BTO, created one by one after receiving orders. Within 3-5 business days before shipping (Cancellation is not acceptable.)

We're so proud, this product is Made in Japan!

Let's Make A Original License Plate
Cell Phone Strap!
Let's Start make a original license plate cell phone strap. There are 2 different sizes, Large and Small. And 6 various colors of license plates are available. You can make an arrangement by yourself. Cell Phone Strap and Ball Chain are included, you can choose whichever you like. Let's make your Symbol!!

Large (H)2.5cm / 1inch x (W)4.2cm / 1.6inch (D) 2mm
Small (H) 2cm / 0.8inch x (W) 3.5cm / 1.3inch x 2mm

Please, pick a your favorite size. Thank you.

1. Super Clear 2. Full Tint 3. Silver & Half Tint
4. Mirror 5. VIP GOLD 6. Gold & Half Tint

Please, Fill out your Favorite letters or numbers

1st Line.Name of Location and classification number
Max Letters must be 7

Name of Location must use Hiragana or Kanji, No Alphabets
(For Example. Shinagawa(Kanji)330 / Naniwa(Hiragana) 88)
Also, you can print your name on it.
(For Example. Yamada(kanji)20 / Suzuki Hanako (kanji & Hiragana)18)

2nd Line.

1 Letter of Hiragana or Kanji

5 numbers (available - .)

(For Example YA(Hiragana)11-22/TO(Hiragana)...1/Iwai(Kanji) 1-23)

Please, Fill out your Favorite letters or numbers on ( ). Thank you.

Essential Requirement
First Line. Name of Location( ) and classification number( )
Second Line. 1 Letter of Hiragana or Kanji And 5 numbers (available - .)

Size. Approx. Large (H)2.5cm / 1inch x (W)4.2cm / 1.6inch (D) 2mm
Small (H) 2cm / 0.8inch x (W) 3.5cm / 1.3inch x 2mm
Ball Chain 7.5cm / 2.9inch Strap 7.5cm / 2.9inch

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 27 May, 2008.

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