Bald Man and His Favorite Wig Cell Phone Strap Ver.3

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Bald Man and His Favorite Wig
Cell Phone Strap Ver.3

Check out these Crazy Wigs on these Crazy Bald Dudes!!

New Lineup of Funky Wigs!!

Sure, wigs were made to hide the embarrassing bald spot on your head...
These dudes are fighting the urge to scratch their heads and making sure the wigs don't move so they can look their best!!!

How Great do they Look?
While most guys don't have the set to walk around the streets with hairstyles like these,
These dudes love them!!
Maybe they are stupid. Or maybe they are just hardcore!! Find them the craziest wig to make them look their greatest!! (or stupidest)
Now, that's Hardcore!!
Do you actually think the piece of string comes out from their heads for no reason?
WRONG! The string is there so you can carry the dude everywhere with you!
Don't be scared, put him on, your will for sure feel cooler...well, at least funnier...
The funky dude will surely bring a lot of laughter from your friends and people around you!!
The More Dudes, The Better!!
These dudes love to party! So make sure they don't party alone. They are a lot more hardcore and crazier when there are a lot of them! These dudes will put on whatever you want them to so collect 'em all and go crazy with them!!

Comes with 6 Different Hardcore Hairstyles!!
Not only are mohawks hardcore, this is a RED mohawk. Now that's hardcore!
Arguably the most hardcore hairstyle of them all. Fear the mullet!!
Pretty funny and dorky looking...Wait, is that a spider tattoo on his head?
Shaggy Kung-Fu
Questionable...But you don't wanna mess with guys with this hairstyle, that's for sure.
Oh the legendary greasers...Whatever happened to them?
Combed Over
We've all seen them. Trying look like they have hair by combing it over their head...Good effort man.
You Cannot Pick the Hairstyle. It is Selected Randomly!
Don't Worry...They are All Hardcore!!
Let's Check out what these Dudes Look like without their Wigs...

You Might Get Blinded

Size Description
Mascot Approx. 4.5cm
Entire Product (With the strap) Approx. 13.5cm
Product:PVC String:Nylon Beads:Acrylic

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 23 March, 2009.

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