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Hamee Original Personalized Engraved Wood Pen and Takefuda

3,500 JPY
(31.70 USD)
Model: 360-pen-take
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This item is BTO, created one by one after receiving orders. It takes approx. 1 weeks to ship the item. (Cancellation is not acceptable.) The brown colored pen is currently out of stock. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
If you would like to engrave your name in Japanese but don't know how to translate it, please leave a note "translate into Japanese" in comment box. You'll find the comment box in the process of placing an order.

Personalized Engraved
Wood Pen and Takefuda
Celebrate Graduation and other Festive Occasions!

Custom Made Pen and Takefuda Gift Set

You want to get the perfect gift for occasions such as graduation but you don't know what to get. Worry no more! This personalized engraved pen and takefuda gift set will make a perfect gift for anybody that is important in your life. Also comes with a personalized bamboo name tag called, "takefuda", which is filled with Japanese culture and tradition. Make this gift set a perfect gift for festive occasions!

Master Piece Wood Pen

The stylish wood pen can be used by anybody regardless of their age or gender. It just makes you want to write more things down, whether you are at home, school, or work!
Elegant Sakura Pattern Engraved by Laser

Not only can you engrave your name on the front of the bamboo tag, the back of the tag has a design of sakura (cherry blossom) engraved by laser. Everything is engraved by laser to make sure they are all engraved perfectly.
Perfect Gift, Perfect Wrapping
Pen Comes in a Wood Case.
Takefuda Comes in a Special Paper Bag.
Size Description
Takefuda Approx. H: 4cm W: 2cm T: 0.5cm
Pen Approx. 14.5cm Long/1cm Diameter
Wood Pen Case Approx. H: 5.5cm W: 17cm T:2.5cm
*How to Order*
Select from either Maple or Brown for the color of the pen. Select from the pulldown.

*the ink of the pen is black
The fonts available to be engraved on the pen are:
"Old English", "Script", "Gyoushotai",
and "Kinbuntai". Select one from the pulldown.
Choose the color of the Netsuke Strap from the 22 colors available.
Select one from the pulldown.
The fonts available to be engraved to the Takefuda are:
"Kagomoji", "Kanteiryu", and "Craft".
Select one from the pulldown.

1) Type in what you want to be graved on the pen in the comment box.
Up to 20 alphabets can be engraved on the pen.
Up to 6 Kanji characters can be engraved on the pen.

* Alphabets can be capitalized or lower cased.
* Space counts as a character

2) Type in what you want to be engraved on the Takefuda in the comment box.
Up to 6 characters can be engraved on the Takefuda.
(alphabet or kanji)

Example Order Form

[Example #1]
Letters on the Pen - Mark Cox
Letters on the Takefuda - COX
Color of the Pen - Brown
Color of the Netsuke - Gold
Selected Font for the Pen - Old English
Selected Font for the Takefuda - Kagomoji

[Example #2]
Letters on the Pen - Nick Bird
Letters on the Takefuda - Nick
Color of the Pen - Maple
Color of the Netsuke - Red
Selected Font for the Pen - Script
Selected Font for the Takefuda - Craft
Graduation, Wedding, Anniversary, Grand Opening, etc...
If you want to make a personalized pen for special occasions, we can grave 2 lines of letters (as shown below) on the pen as well!

Type what you want to engrave on the pen in the comment box.

Up to 13 letters
can be engraved in each line.

* the size of the letters will be slightly smaller if you have 2 lines engraved on the pen.
* the letters will be center-aligned.

Example Order Form for 2 Lines
1st Line - Happy Birthday
2nd Line - 10/31/1984

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 17 April, 2009.

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