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[Sega Toys] Hanappa Nodding Flower Robot (Sunflower)
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Model: 146-754630
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[Sega Toys] Hanappa Nodding Flower Robot
Hanappa, Lovely Flower Robbot Listens to You Patiently.
"I need someone who just listens to me."
You're right. You always need agreement and sympathy from others.
However it's hard to find such a person in this modern society where everyone is busy and get frustrated. Speak to Hanappa and it just nods to you. You feel real relax and comfort.
Hanappa always stays with you.
Copyright 2009(C)SEGA TOYS、IRY(C)InterRobot
BioMetal(C)Toki Corporation

KY program as a backbone scheme
KY program is based on the research by Dr. Tomio Watanabe. Dr. Watanabe created "Unazuki riron" (nodding theory.) According to him, nonverbal communication including nodding and face expression is crucial to human communication. We know importance of body-language.

iRT realized KY program iRT was developed by InterRobot. Inc and essential technology supporting human interface.

High-tech material BioMetal BioMetal moves like human muscle with electricity. It's a kind of metal but moves smoothly like a living creature.
All 3 Flowers
Sun flower Garbera Margaret
Ladybag as ON/OFF switch
size approx. 8.0 x 1.50 x 8.0cm
package size approx. 10.0 x 20.0 x 10.0cm
battery: size AA x 3 (Battery isn't included.)

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 08 July, 2009.

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