Electronic Rock Guitar T-Shirt (L)

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Electronic Rock Guitar T-Shirt
Just a flick away is this
Revolutionary Rock T-Shirt!!

Get Ready...TO ROCK!!

If you are one of those people that likes
to rock anytime, any place, and anywhere,
this shirt is absolutely perfect for you!
You could be walking somewhere,
chilling inside, or even sleeping,
with this shirt you can start rocking out
whenever you want!
Comes with an Actual Amp!

This shirt comes with an actual amp!
This amp is ran by batteries so you are
able to rock out as long as you want!
It comes with volume and tone adjusting
knob as well! Also, it has an output so
you can hook it up to something else!


How to Wash this Shirt!
Obviously you are going to be rocking out with this shirt so you are going to need to wash it, right? Well, all of the wires and the panel will come off the shirt so you can always rock out feeling clean!!

Peel off the Guitar Panel by grabbing the head (the top) of the guitar panel It will come right off!
We strongly recommend you to take out the batteries once you are done rocking!
There is a cable that is connected to your amp. Simply disconnect the cable!

All of the Parts of the Rock Guitar Shirt!
(Batteries and Magnetic pick are not Included)

You Gotta Be Stylin' to be Rockin'!
Make sure you pick the right size in order for you to look good while you play your heart out
Also, please make sure you dry the shirt well enough after you wash it! If the cables or any other parts of the shirt gets wet, it may cause some damage, preventing you from rocking hard!

Become a Legendary Guitarist!

Most regular amps can go up to volume 10.
However, it is a famous story about one
legendary guitarist from the 60's who
turned up the volume on his amp to 11
after he was told he was playing too loud.
With this amp, you can do the same!
Let's Rock 'n Roll!!

Page, Hendrix, Clapton, Cobain...
So many legendary guitarists have rocked
in the past...Now it is your turn!
Make a name for yourself with this
Rock Guitar T-Shirt today!

Product Data
Material: 100% Cotton
Not Included: 4 AAA batteries and the Magnetic Pick are sold separately

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 04 December, 2009.

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