[SALE 13%OFF]Itazura Coin Bank (Chatora)(Cat) 【Zakka cat】

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Official Itazura Coin Bank
Super Cute Automated Kitty and Puppy
Bank Steals Coins to Hide in your Piggy Bank!

Itazura Coin Banks took the internet by storm with their cute concept. It looks like an ordinary cardboard box, but inside is an animal to steal your coins! There are many different versions, the most popular being the cat and dog versions. They also have a Godzilla Itazura coin bank and Panda Itazura coin bank. Once you place your coin on the designated plate, a cute kitty, puppy, or even panda bear will open up the cardboard box and steal the coin away into the piggy bank! They will give you the coins back when you need them though!

"What the... I swear I left it right there just a second ago!?"
We've all said that in the past, right? Something that we thought was safely put somewhere is gone all of the sudden. We want to think that somebody took it...but nobody is going to admit that they stole something from you...Well, the next time you think you lost some of your spare change, you may just have one strong suspect...Check out the video!

Isn't that adorable? You can't even be mad. The kitty or the puppy will come out of the cardboard box, and it will quietly take your change! It also meows or barks before and after it takes your money as if it is saying thanks! The best thing about these guys is the fact they will give your money back whenever you want them to!
Let these cute kitties or puppies help save your money!
*How Itazura Coin Bank Works*

1.) Please open the lid using a 500 JPY and rotate.

2.) Power switch for your bank

3.) Battery Slot ( Please use a screwdriver to open)

Product Data::
Product Size: H: 11.5cm W: 12cm D: 10cm
Package Size: H: 14.5cm W: 15cm D: 12.6cm
Used Battery: 2 AA batteries (sold separately)
PVC Package

Imagine, you need no stress to save money!
They're sneaky but they're only trying to help!
They steal your coins but will give them back when you need them.

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 02 April, 2010.

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