Magic Christmas Tree (Green / Large)

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Magic Christmas Tree Large
The tree will grow like it is alive. Magic Christmas Tree!
When you put magic water in the tray, the leaves will grow by themselves like a real christmas tree. To finish growing it will take about half a dayAfter the brief wait, you can enjoy your own magical Christmas tree!
If you don't touch the tree or shake it so hard,
the leaves will keep the shape for about four weeks.
Easier to grow than a real pine.
1. Spread the branches into three directions. Wind the red garland on the magic tree.
2. Place the tree on a flat place and put the magic water into the tray.(For the large size, put the magic water on the branches evenly.)
3. About one hour later, the leaves will start growing. To finish growing it will take about half a day for the small size, and about a day for the large size. (The growing speed might be differnt depending on the local environment.) If you place it near a window, the part in the sun light will grow faster.
4. Finally, put some glitter on the leaves and adjust the star. Just after finishing the growing, the leaves are easy to take off. So when you adjust the star, please be careful. You can also put the star on after growing.
Pick out your favorite color of tree and have yourself a miniature Christmas!
That's nice packaging!
The cute package can be used as a decoration 'til Christmas day.
So it would be a great gift too.
Magic Christmas Tree Large Type
Package Size Approx. L22.5cm x W37cm x H2cm
Magic Christmas Tree Large Type Approx. D14cm (Diameter)
x H28cm (including the star)
Magic Christmas Tree Paper
Tray Plastic
Magic Water Acetic Acid Sodium
* Please read the manual carefully before using it.
* The magic water is non-toxic. But if you put it on your skin, please wash it off.
* If you put the magic water in your eye, flush your eye for more then 15 minutes.
* The leaves are easy to come off, so please do not shake the tree hard.
* This is un-edible. So please keep it away from the small kids.
* The final shape of the leaves might be different depending on the environment.
* We are not responsible for the final shape or duration of the leaves.
* This product cannot be returned.

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 22 November, 2010.

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