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The Beer Hour (Yellow)
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Model: 198-421535
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The Beer Hour
Pour your beer absolutely perfect...EVERYTIME!!
Check out how the Beer Hour works!!

No more poorly-poured beer!
You know when you pour your beer in such a horrible way, all you can drink is foam at first? I used to do that all the time personally, and I hated it! With "The Beer Hour", that problem will never happen again!
What does foam do?
Did you know foam serves a purpose? It is supposed to keep the carbonation in your beer to make sure your beer always has that "pop". Now if there was no foam, your beer would get flat really quickly. But having too much foam just makes you think you are drinking foam instead of beer...Real tricky, isn't it?

Perfectly-Poured Beer = Greatness
The Beer Hour allows you to pour the foam and the actual beer separately. Doesn't make sense? OK...What it does is when you pour your beer into your glass with the lever pulled, it only pours the foam. So if you pour it into your glass without the lever pulled (regularly), only the liquid part comes out. All you gotta do is topped it off with the foam and you will have your perfect beer! Yaaay!
Compatible with
most beer in the world!
When you place your beer can into The Beer Hour, you might be wondering if your favorite beer can fit since Beer Hour is from Japan. No worries! As long as you get a beer that holds 350ml to 550ml of beer, or if the can is 5.6cm to 5.9cm wide, you can enjoy your beer to the fullest with the Beer Hour!
Package Size: 17cm x 14.5cm x 4.75cm
1 AAA battery (sold separately)

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 10 February, 2011.

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