Compact Washlet Machine

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Compact Washlet Machine
The ultimate toilet gadget from Japan!!!
What exactly is a washlet???
Before I answer, check out this video!!!
What!? You still don't get it??
OK, let me explain to you what exactly
the Compact Washlet Machine is :)
Washlet = Japanese commodity
In Japan these days, washlet is becoming a standard function for a toilet. All it is a nice little shower to clean your bottom after you take care of business in the bathroom. By cleaning your bottom with washlet, you can make sure you stay spanking clean while you can eliminate yourself from using excessive amount of toilet paper. The Compact Washlet Machine will allow anybody in the world to experience how awesome washlet really is!
Once you twist the white part (shown on the picture above) all the way to the point until it gets stuck, you can take off the little cap that is covering the hole where the water goes in. You also twist that counter clockwise and put water inside once the cap comes off. Although you could use regular water, it would be much more friendly to your bottom part if you use semi-warm water. Not too hot tho!!
Let the cleaning begin!
Once you get the nozzle out from inside of the Compact Washlet Machine, press the ON button! The CWM will gently yet nicely start squirting water out to start cleaning you up after you are finished taking care of whatever you needed to do in the bathroom. Yaay! Whether you believe or not, you will feel so clean and refreshed when you use the CWM as opposed to just wiping yourself off with toilet paper. Just try it!!
So fresh and so clean clean!
There is a reason why washlet is as popular as it is in Japan today. Celebrities such as Madonna has actually bought washlet from Japan and got it shipped all the way to the US because it is so awesome! Instead of spending so much money and effort, you can now experience the awesomeness of washlet with this Compact Washlet Machine from Strapya World today!
Even comes with a strap!
Just in case you are worried you might ruin your great CWM since you use it in a bathroom, it comes with a strap to make sure you do not drop it into your toilet. Plus its compact size allows you to carry this awesome device no matter where you go! Out of all of the amazing and great gadgets that have been released by the Japanese in the past, this could very well be the greatest one of them all...

Product Size: H: 13.5cm W: 6cm D: 5cm
Nozzle length: Approx. 8cm
Product weight: Approx. 150g
Max capacity: Approx. 140ml
Components: extra nozzle top, carrying pouch, and instruction manual (only in Japanese)

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 14 February, 2011.

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