Instant COOL Neck Towel (White)

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Instant COOL Neck Towel
This magic towel will cool down just from swinging it and it's perfect for this summer!
The world's first cooling fabric will get unexpectedly chilly just from moving it!
Just wet it, wring it out and swing it!
It's super easy to use!
What you need is water (sweat or hot water also works)!
Just wet it, wring it out and swing it!
This fabric will show its amazing cooling effect just by receiving motion.
Once the fabric becomes wet, you can use it. You can swing it again and again to make the cooling effect last even longer, even when you feel that it's getting lukewarm.
This fabric will absorb your sweat while you're playing sports. You can get the same cooling effect from sweat instead of using regular water.
■Tips and how to use this towel
This towel comes in two different fabrics; "velour" or "mesh". To get the same cooling effect with the velour fabric, start by loosely holding it, then quickly pull it taught. Since the mesh fabric has great elasticity (*especially the product "neck cooler"), it will be easier to wring it out and swing it by folding it in half or keep folding it smaller.

The secret of the cooling effect
What's cool comfort technology?
Cool comfort technology is a system that uses absorbed moisture and will cool the fabric's temperature which, caused by motion, begins evaporative cooling. Due to the construction of this high absorption three-layered fabric, the absorbed moisture can't evaporate or fully escape. It makes the cooling effect last longer. Of course, the towel does not feel heavy and the absorbed water will not drip. We would love for you to use this towel this summer to prepare for heat waves. Not only for sports, but it will also be perfect for your daily life. Since it needs only water, it's a great economical and environmental product.
The features of this product
■Long cooling effect
This three-layer structured fabric, which has applied for an international patent, has a high water holding capacity. Once the fabric has absorbed water, it will keep it inside and rotate it. The fabric will make the cooling effect last longer by moderately repeatedly vaporizing (radiation of heat) and absorbing water (heat-absorbing). Once you moisten the towel, the cooling effect will last about 3 to 5 hours. When you feel that the fabric is getting lukewarm, you can restart the cooling effect by quickly swinging it to keep it going!

■Saving electricity and going green
You can have the cooling effect anytime anywhere, as long as you have water! You don't need any electricity to cool it. Even though you're in a steaming hot room, once you moisten this towel, you can cool yourself off without using an air conditioner at full power. You can comfortably work outside in the middle of the summer by wrapping this towel around your neck or head!

■Use it for UV protection!
Now you can safely cheer your favorite sports team outside or enjoy outdoor activities! It will be great for your kids too!

■It's machine washable
Don't worry if you make a mess on this towel! The fabric itself is a cooling material (it has applied for an international patent) so that you can wash it in a washing machine to keep it clean!

■Use it for heatstroke protection!
Since it's thin and light, you can easily bring it with you. If you wet and wring out this Instant COOL Towel, it will protect you from heat in the harsh glare of the sun! You can moisten the towel using your sweat to start the cooling effect!

■It's chemical-free
Since this Instant COOL Towel's secret cooling effect is inside of it, it doesn't use any cooling materials such as PVA or high molecular polymer (gel).
About the three-layer structured fabric
The fabric created by using cool comfort technology has three different layers such as a vaporizing layer, a water holding layer and an absorbing layer. Due to this three-layer structure, moisture (including sweat) will be absorbed into the fabric and keep the motion of water to start evaporative cooling. This will keep the cooling effect longer.

■A cross section of the three-layer structured fabric
It absorbs water from part (1).
(1) has a bigger surface area. Since the yarn (1) is thinner, more yarn can be put into same area to absorb more moisture.
(2) will securely hold the absorbed moisture. The absorbed moisture will move from (1) or (3) by the fabric receiving motion.
Product specification
Name: Instant COOL Towel (Blue) / Fabric type: Velour / Towel size: 10.5 x 78.5 cm / Materials: Polyester 90%, nylon 10% / Color: Blue, pink and white

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 20 July, 2011.

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