Shopping Cart RC (Red)

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Shopping Cart RC
A miniature shopping cart RC 1/19 scale will roar!!

We've released this realistic RC, which is hard to believe, for those who pretend to be "a wolf in the produce section".
It's perfect for kids who wish to develop creativity through this unique toy.

*You need Adobe FlashPlayer to play this movie.

It looks so real! It's a 1/19 scale shopping cart RC!?
We've released a shopping cart RC!! We recommend it to everyone who has ever gotten on to a shopping cart, dashed around with it in a supermarket and been yelled at. Now no one will yell at you when you're racing it!
This miniature RC can deliver items
Not only does it looks nice, it also can deliver items up to 500 g! This full-functioning RC comes in red and blue. Each one uses a different frequency so that you can race using both red and blue carts!(*The doll in the image above is not included.)

It's a shopping cart which moves without human hands, just like the one that appears in the TV commercial of a certain credit card company.

 ■ Operation manual

Cart, controller
*Five AA batteries in total are required for the cart and controller.
Please note that batteries are sold separately.

[Product Specifications]
Power source: cart...three AA batteries (sold separately) / controller...two AA batteries (sold separately)
Weight: approx. 320 g (controller included)
Frequency band: 27 Mhz (red model), 40 Mhz (blue model)
Operation range: outside approx. 4-5 m / Main material: plastic, rubber
Load carrying capacity: approx. 500 g (The running state may differ depending on the size of the items or the materials of the floor.)

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 15 February, 2012.

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