Tomko Transceiver for iPhone and iPod

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Tomko Transceiver for iPhone
Finally. The long-awaited Tomko Transceiver
is ready to be sold at Strapya World!

Taking it back to the old school.... over and out..

10-4. Copy that. The Tomko Transceiver is ridiculously awesome. Over and out.
With the release of the Tomko Transceiver, the old is now in with the new. Hook up an old school style radio transceiver to your iPhone 4S (or almost any gen iPhone). The only difference between the old school transceiver and the Tomko EVERYTHING!
Perfect for emergency situations. Perfect for any situation. Perfect.
If you find yourself in a bind and need to have a quick and easy conversation without the annoyance of holding your phone up to your ear the whole time, seriously, what's better than a transceiver? Bluetooth? Sure, if you like shoving electronics in your ear. Transceiver all the way.

 Check out Episode 1 of Tomko Transceiver
Made for the every day awesome person. You don't even have to be awesome. Tomko Transceiver takes care of that.
Wanna make a phone call?
No problem.
With the help of Siri, the Tomko Transceiver has got your back.
Use the silent button for a much more mellow phone conversation.
Powerful function at the tip of your fingers.
Press the multi-function button at the top of the transceiver when you have an incoming call. You don't even have to take the phone out of your pocket.  If a song is playing on your iPhone, it will be automatically muted when you answer.
If you want to use Siri, just hold the top button down. Easy as that!
At Strapya World, we like to call this "Real Radio Mode." If you use the side button (like a real radio) it will mute the person on the other end of the line while you talk. You can even throw in "over" at the end of every sentence for the fun of it.
Well, everything. You can control the volume with the dial on the side. You can also use the same dial to turn the device on and off.  When the power is on, the light will be glowing red.  You are pretty much a certified detective once you master the use of the Transceiver. Not to mention you can shuffle through songs and answer phone calls. Swiss Army Smartphone Device? Pretty much.
Two AA batteries slide easily under the backplate.
Oh, I totally forgot to mention, it also has a belt clip for even more convenient handling. Psh, this is awesome.
Convenience or style?
Style or safety?

Style or convenience? We think both!
Use this awesome transceiver as a speaker! You can play music, pause, skip forward, go back and adjust the volume all with the touch of a button! Well, and a volume dial on the side. You will be surprised at the amazing sound that comes out of this little device!
Style or safety? We think BOTH!
Other than using it as an alternative for playing music, you can also use the Tomko Transceiver as an alternative for talking on your phone. Just hold the top button down when you receive a phone call and you can use the Tomko Transceiver to talk just like an old-school radio transceiver!

Compatible models: iPhone 3G · iPhone 3GS · iPhone 4 · iPhone 4S

[Product Data]
Product Size: 7.87x6.65x2.05cm, Power Supply: (2) AAA type batteries (sold separately), 
Continuous use time: about 15 hours (using alkaline batteries), 
Cord Length: Compressed 50cm (about time), Plug: 3.5mm 
*Please do not forcably stretch the cord as it will run the risk of breaking it. 
*This product is intended for iPhone. It will work with other models, but has only been tested with iPhone.
Purchase at your own risk if you are using a smartphone other than iPhone.

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 13 March, 2012.

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