[Sale]Japanese Lacquer Artwork Yamanaka-Shikki Makie Case for iPhone SE/5s/5 (Crane)

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Japanese Lacquer Artwork Yamanaka-Shikki
Makie iPhone 5 Case

Handcrafted Japanese Lacquer Ware for iPhone 5 Case

Created by a great Makie craftsman, Kenji Kiyoo
Japanese tractional designs are expressed fantastically on the iPhone 5 case. It is only possible by 3 dimensional Japanese lacquer art called as Yamanaka Nuri.

1. Engraved "Made in Japan" on the side. It is the proof of Made in Japan product.
2. Curved case brings a comfortable grip. The curvy shape was designed on the basis of human engineering.
3. 2 strap holes are on one side. It allows you to attach strap charms to the case.
4. Camera hole is enough big. You do not have to remove the case when you take pictures.
5. Rubbers are on the corners so that they absorb shock.
6. Comes in a special gift box.

Floating Sakura, Autumn Flowers, Wave, Kinkakuji, Spring Flowers, Crane, Red Mt. Fuji, 2 Cranes and Mt. Fuji, Sakura, Chrysanthemum, Dragon, Fujin and Raijin

Marimo's Personal Opinion
When I looked at the samples of these cases, I wonder how much they are. These cases looked awesomely gorgeous and I could see that they were quality products at a glance. Honestly I was surprised to see the price of these cases. It was not much experience that I thought of. I cannot believe that we can get genuine Japanese lacquer ware (shikki in Japanese) at such price. Shikki is one of the most popular Japanese traditional crafts. How amazing that we can decorate iPhone 5 with this beautiful wear.

Case Size Approx. H: 13 W: 6.7 D: 1cm
Package Size Approx. H: 14 W: 7.6 D: 1.8cm
Material ABS, Polyurethane
Strap Hole Yes
Country of Origin Japan
* Please remove the case when you charge your iPhone 5 by stand type charger like cradle.
* This product is made one by one and so is slightly different one by one.

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 08 July, 2013.

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