Kracie Happy Kitchen Donuts Making Kit

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Kracie Happy Kitchen Donuts Making Kit

Enjoy Making and Eating DIY donuts!

Looks so yummy!
No flour! No eggs, No messy!
Can you believe that you can make yummy donuts just from the contents of the box and water! You do not have to prepare flour, eggs and any ingredients you need to make donuts! You can make 4 donuts from the box.
* Any preservative and artificial coloring are not used.

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Including 5 making kits

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The Contents of The Box
* Yellow Package: Custard Donuts Powder
* Brown Package: Cocoa Donuts Powder
* Blue Package: Vanilla Sauce Powder
* Pink Package: Strawberry Sauce Powder
* Small Brown Package: Chocolate Sauce Powder
* Purple Package: Crunch
* Pastry Bag
* Plastic Tray
* Spoon

* If you use milk instead of water, the donuts are more tasty!

Product Specification
Product Size:H130xW147xD45mm
Flavor of Donuts: Custard and Cocoa
Allergens (in all 25 items)-wheat, milk, soy bean
* This product is manufactured in the same facilities where products including egg are produced.
* This product is manufactured in the same facilities where products including peanuts are produced.
Ingredients: sugar, glucose, vegetable oil, starch, dextrin, crunch, cocoa powder, corn syrup, milk protein, sugar, modified starch, coloring (caramel, vegetable dyes, gardenia, flavonoids, carotenoids), calcium carbonate, flavoring, sodium caseinate, emulsifier, acidulant, thickening sugar, brightening agent
* Some ingredients include wheat and soy beans
Contents: 41g/domestic

Nutrition per meal (41g):
heat: 181kcal, protein 0.5g, lipid 4.5g, carbohydrate 35g, Sodium 21mg, calcium 139mg
*If you use the water including lots of calcium, the powder might not turn into solid.

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 22 July, 2013.

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