Nori Nori Friends Plush Doll Dancing Speaker Ver.2 (Panda)

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Nori Nori Friends Plush Doll Dancing Speaker Ver.2
Adorable animals dance to your favorite tunes!

The Nori Nori Friends start doing a little dance when you play their favorite music for them. They also come with a ball chain so you can attach them to your bag and carry them around with you everywhere you go. Nori Nori Friends can be your personal dancing mascot! Just plug the doll into your audio device and PC. It doesn't even need batteries!


1. The Nori Nori Friends Dancing Speaker is compatible with any devices which have 3.5mm earphone plug.
2.It can be charged from any USB mobile battery chargers.
3. It comes with a ball chain

How to Use 

1. Plug the cable into the plush doll. The plug size is 2.5mm.
2. Plug the other cable into a audio device. The plug size is 3.5mm.
3. Plug the USB connecter into a PC or mobile battery charger.
4. Turn on the audio device and adjust the volume.

Comes in a blister package.

* It is impossible to connect this product with an audio device directly. This product needs to be charged from a PC or mobile battery charger.
* This product might not dance in the case the sound volume is low.
* Specifications might be changed by the manufacturer without prior notice.

Bear Approx. H: 11 W: 10 D: 5.5cm
Entire Product Size Approx. 18.4cm
Panda Approx. H: 11 W: 10 D: 5.5cm
Entire Product Size Approx. 19.7cm
Rabbit Approx. H: 14 W: 10 D: 6cm
Entire Product Size Approx. 18.5cm
Plug Size 3.5mm (in Diameter)
Cable Approx. 45cm
Package Approx. H: 18.5 W: 13.8 D: 9.6cm
Other Specifications
Output 1w
Maximum Output 2w
AC Resistance 8Ω±15%
Frequency 500-20kHz
Operating Temperature 0-45 Celsius Degrees
Input Terminal 3.5mm Earphone Jack, USB Connecter
Material Polycarbonate, Polyester, ABS/PVC
Included Components Plush Doll Speaker, Cable, Operation Manual (written in Japanese)

This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 16 November, 2013.

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