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Giant Isopod Realistic Plush Doll (XL Size) 【Sea Creature】【Valentine Sale】
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Giant isopods (daiogusokumushi in Japanese) are passionately loved by some people now in Japan. They found the creatures mysterious and cute. A giant isopod in Toba Aquarium has eaten no food for over 4 years. This giant isopod doll is close to the real ones in shape. The doll has cute round eyes and is very soft and comfortable to the touch.

Name: giant isopod
Scientific name: Bathynomus giganteus
Group: in the same group as woodlouses and sea slaters
Nickname: Gusoku-tan
Home: at 200-1000m deep sea around the Gulf of Mexico and the western Atlantic
Most attractive feature: long and narrow eyes
Specialty: Fasting

- Shipped out directly from Japan


This giant isopod is about 55 cm in length (real giant isopods are between 20 and 40 cm), give it a big hug.

The giant isopod has overlapping segments, between which you can store a bill folded in four.

Doll Size F Approx. H: 15 W: 55 D: 28 cm

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