Hiding Ninja Smartphone Stand (Sasuke/Tatamigaeshi)

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Watch out and get ready to hide ! The undefeated Ninja guys are here !

If you see a black shadow from behind...Beware !!
The 3 kinds of Ninja warrior have different characteristics in them.
Slip into the darkness and get a chance to be a Ninja..

This cool smartphone stand guards your phone and is a perfect stand for your big heavy smartphones. This special Ninja power can be yours anytime.

Stand has heavy duty, so larger smartphones and hence your iPad Mini, Galaxy Tab, NEXUS7, such as smaller tablets can easily fit in.
Please choose the Ninja's favorite from these three men.

Sasuke is commonly listed as the member/leader of Sanada Ten Braves, a fictional group of ten ninja that supposedly assisted
the warlord
Sanada Yukimura at the battles of Osaka Castle during the final phases of the Japanese civil war era, and he is by far
the best known and most
popular among them. When appearing with Kirigakure Saiz?, one of his fellow Ten Braves, he is often thus contrasted with his best
friend/arch-rival, who usually has an elegant, or at least clean-cut, appearance and magic-like ability

Hanz? was known as an expert tactician and a master of spear fighting. Historical sources say he lived the last several years of his life
as a monk under the name "Sainen" and built the temple, Sainenji, which was named after him and mainly built to commemorate
Tokugawa Ieyasu's elder son, Nobuyasu, who was accused of treason and conspiracy by Oda Nobunaga and who was then ordered
to commit seppuku by his father, Ieyasu

F?ma Kotar? was the fifth and the best known of the F?ma clan leaders. Born in Sagami Province (modern Kanagawa Prefecture)
on an unknown date, he became notorious as the leader of a band of 200 Rappa "battle disrupters",[3] divided into four groups:
brigands, pirates, burglars and thieves. Kotar? served under H?j? Ujimasa and H?j? Ujinao. His biggest achievement came in 1580,
when the F?ma ninja covertly infiltrated and attacked a camp of the Takeda clan forces under Takeda Katsuyori at
night, succeeding in causing severe chaos in the camp, which resulted in mass fratricide among the disoriented enemies

* Tablet PC, the iPad is for horizontal position only. Please note that it may be put vertically and stand to tip over.

Size table
Size H:13 cm x W: 6.5 cm x D: 8 cm
Size H: 14 cm x W: 7 cm x D: 8 cm
Size H:13 cm x W: 7 cm x D: 7 cm
Other specifications.
Material Made of Polyresin
Package H:17.5 cm x W: 11 cm x D: 11 cm

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 18 February, 2014.

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