Flapjack Octopus Silicone Case for iPhone 5s/5

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It looks like cat ears grew from a UFO. The rounded eyes are so cute!
Flapjack Octopus, popular character from deep-sea, turned into a cute case.

Flapjack Octopus which will be popular in the deep-sea with cute rounded eyes and cat ears from a UFO, turned into a case for the iPhone5s/5.
The shape is a little weird as if he landed and was smashed but the squishy silicone cover will make you feel your iPhone is safe.
Round case fits in your hand nicely and you can enjoy unity with this unique case when you operate your iPhone.

Tentacles of the Flapjack Octopus looks just like real ones more than the real.
Moreover, you can acess to ON/OFF button and side buttons without taking this case off. Cute yet well designed.

With this outstanding case, you will surely be popular!

Name: Flapjack Octopus
Binomial name: Opishoteuthis depressa
Class: Cephalopoda
Order: Octopoda
Feature: Tentacles are one line not like a usual octopus. The body is just like an octopus but they can't spray ink. It seems that they flap their ears while swimming but mostly their ears are hanging down.

Cute Flapjack Octopus yet reliable
Access to side buttons and On/OFF switch without taking this cute case off.
Cute yet well designed! It is a keeper!

Access to side button which is actually cute that it is a bit tough to operate.
So impressive that you can push ON/OFF switch!

It is actually easy to hold.
Curved shape like UFO fits in your hand nicely.
Put the Flapjack Octopus in your hand and you will feel unity.
You will surely be popular with this unique case.

You can't help pushing his head.
Whoever holds this case wants to push top of his head. The top of his head is actually soft.
The soft spot is because of the structure but it is so tempting.
Good thing is that real Flapjack octopus is stinky, so you can enjoy the feelig with this case.

This side is the front.
Back side.
8 legs like an octopus hold your iPhone firmly .
Elastic and attractive body.

* Please take this product off, before you charge your iPhone5S/5 when using a cradle.
* There is no hole for camera lens. Please take the case off before taking pictures.

* Because this product uses natural material, it might have scratches, wrinkles and lines dents. This is not inferior. Please enjoy the unique taste.

Size table
Case Approx. H: 13.5 × W: 8.7 × 3.5 D: cm
Other specifications.
Material Silicon
Included Components Case
Strap Hole It does not include a strap hole

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 09 April, 2014.

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