Cockroach Silicone Case for iPhone 5s/5

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Sorry to make such a silly case.
But please forgive us that we actually made it and we even think it is a little bit cute.

The moment you see cockroaches, they will give you a chilling intimidation. To make matters worse, if you scream, they will come to get you with no mercy.
Finally, We made it! A forbidden cockroach iPhone case!

Great sense of security with a thick silicone case.
His feet are gross yet he has cute drooping eyes.

If you are scared of cockroaches, it is just because you don't know about them.
Every day you use this case, you will get to know them better maybe even to the point of not being afraid of them anymore!
By the way I think it is gross and don't need it, so I will give it to my friend.

Sometimes, people call them aphid because cockroaches shine a lot which is their feature. But we didn't design it with the shine because we are afraid to make it slippery.
However, when people shine it with their own oil, it isn't quite as popular. So I think this non-oily cockroach will be loved.

Have you seen a coackroach closely?

When you see them from the front, they actually have cute eyes.
If you try to look at real a cockroach closely, he will fly to you. You can look at this case as much as you want without fear of it flying at you!

They have existed for 350 million years.
You shouldn't underestimate them.

I stay calm now, but when I saw him at first, I got goosebumps.

Gross feet!

His back, front, and belly actually look like a real one.

By haveing this case, it will protect you from bad guys. It might be a good idea to let your daughter/girlfriend have it.

You have no fear with a coackroach that is strong and vital. Also, your customers will remember you easily.

You can't use it as a computer mouse.

You can barely use the side switch.
The distance to the Lightning connector is far.
Resilient case.

* Please take this product off, before you charge your iPhone5S/5 when using a cradle.

Size table
Case Approx. H: 16 x W: 8.8 × D: 3 cm
Other specifications.
Material Silicon
Included Components Case
Strap Hole It doesn't include a strap hole.

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 18 April, 2014.

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