Hamee Original HandLinker Putto Mobile Neck Strap Polka Dot (Orange)

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We've sold over 900,000 of this series! Easy one-touch function.
New design with 7 colors and cute dots.

Total sales is over 900,000! "Putto HandLinker", super popular neck strap released a new design with a cute dot pattern!
The dot pattern is all over the neck strap which makes it a casual cute design.

You can take it off one second with the one-touch function. Great color variations will make you get excited.
You can add dots to your fashion just like an accessory!

Good for working moms as well!
With the flat neck strap, it reduces the strain on the neck.
Recommend for those who have a neck and shoulder pain and hesitate to use neck straps.
Also, easy to handle for people with larger hands because it has a bigger ring than former products.

Works with a smart phone or mobile phone as well as with a digital camera or case.
For all it can make everyday life even cuter and smarter!

Cuter with trendy dot pattern!
Dot pattern makes it more fashionable compared to the former HandLinker Putto.
Simple and calm design will suit any fasion and can use it as an accessory.

Cute color variations will brighten you up.

Soft and flat strap is easy on your neck.

Bigger ring is easy to put your finger through.

Bearing structure makes a smooth rotation and it doesn't get tangled.
Matte texture with Hamee logo mark .

Works with anything!

For digital camera
At office
To prevent falling off
As a hook
Easy to go through a train gate

Black / White/ Hot Pink / Sky Blue / Orange / Green / Yellow

Because you take off the ring part, you don't need to worry about making your hair messy.
Also, it is good for those who are wearing a hat.

The square part on the neck strap is to prevent tangling. This is not for adjusting the length.

* Please note that your device might fall with intense exercise.
* Due to increased the diameter of the ring, it is not compatible with the former model.
* The specification of this product might be changed without notice due to improvements.

Size table
Neck strap loop length Approx. 40 cm
Entire strap loop length ( including strap part) Approx. 50 cm
Ring diameter Approx. 2.2 cm
Strap width Approx. 0.8 cm
Other specifications.
Material Polyester, ABS

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 08 May, 2014.

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