LCD Ultimate 16 Variety Protection Film Series For Xperia Z2 (Reflection Prevention /Matte)

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16 great elements in a screen protecting film!
Try this unbelievable film.

iPhone 5s / 5c / 5 screen protecting film protects from daily use scratches and dirt.
Amazing film with 16 incredible must-have features is now available!

1. Super shock absorption
2. Cuts blue light by about 31%
3. 91% of transmission with clear image
4. High glossy film
5. Fingerprint resistant
6. Hard coating
7. Fluorine based anti-fouling treatment
8. Make up foundation resistant
9. Bubble-less
10. Water repellent finish
11. Static electricity prevention
12. Oil resistant
13. Antibacterial formula
14. Great finger slipping to operate
15. Usable again and again
16. No stylus pen writing marks

Made in Japan with trust.

Super shock absorption! It will be fine even if you drop an 100g of iron ball on your screen.
Special shock absorption layer absorbs impacts and protects your your iPhone 5s/5c/5 screen.

Cut 31% of blue light that causes your eyes to get tired!
Protect your eyes from blue light that is one of the causes of dry-eye.

Great vision with a clear gloss and 91% transmission.
Hard coating protects your screen from getting scratches.
Bubble-less feature makes it easy to install.
Water repellent finish protects from water and easy to wipe it.
Anti-bacterial coating on the surface keeps the film always clean.
Fingerprints and oil won't show as much and easy to wipe it off.
Make up foundation resistant with fluorine coating.
Silicone absorption feature allows you to use it again and again.
Static electricity prevention protects from getting dust during installation.
Special coating provides you a smooth operation with stylus pen and finger.

* This product is fully protected LCD screen doesn't. About the LCD screen broken, damage our disclaim responsibility.

Size table
Package Approx. H: 17.6 × W: 9.1 × D: 0.7 cm
Other specifications.
Included Components 1 Film, Cleaning cloth, Dust removal tape
Material PET, Silicone resin
Production Made in Japan

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 22 July, 2014.

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