MFi Certified Exclusive 1m Car Charger for iPhone 5s/5/5c (Green)

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The inside of car is a special space for you. That's why you should decorate with your favorite iPhone 5C color.
This short 1m cable is easy to use in a driver and passenger seat.

IPhone color what you have chosen must be your favorite.
You may want to pick a Lightning cable with your favorite color.
This Lightning cable for a car will make your wish come true.
Charge your device with your favorite color in your special space.

- 1m of cable length is perfect for operations in the driver's seat and passenger seat.
- Apple certified products with no worries for OS updating.
- Simply plug into the cigar lighter socket and it will start charging
- LED will light up when it is charging.
- Chargeble Lightning supported tablets such as Air iPad or iPad mini.

Colorful iPhone 5c color will brighten up inside of your car.

Usual car charger uses standard color like black or white.
Car chargers with bright and vivid colors from iPhone 5c are available,
It will brighten up inside of your car and it will be a great accent.

Safety and secure Apple certified product!
Supports OS updates because this is Apple certified product.
We highly recommend Apple certified products because you might have a lot of issues with cheap non-certified products.

Danger of a non-certified product
- Because it is not using an official chip, a lot of products are unstable when it is charging. Also, it is possible it won't be able to charge your device during OS uploading.
- There is a possibility to break a Lightning terminal.

When OS is updated...
- With a non-certified product
There is a possibility not be able to charge your device with an error message.
- With certified product
You can charge your device without any problems.

Smartphone GPS can be used while it is charging.

Chargeable tablet such as iPad mini and iPad Air.

- Easy to use in the driver and passenger seat with 1m of cable length.
- Simply plug into a cigar lighter socket.
- No fear to run out of battery with this stylish car charger.
- GPS application that uses a lot of battery works fine when charging.
- Chargeable tablet PC such as iPad mini and iPad Air.

White / Pink / Yellow

Blue / Green

Compatible with Lightning supported devices
Charges all devices that have Lightning connector such as iPad mini, iPad Air and iPod touch 5th as well as iPhone 5/5s/5c.

LED light will light up when it is charging.
Simply plug into a cigar lighter socket.

Even more comfortable with a smartphone holder.
If you use this product with an optional car holder, GPS or watching videos will be more comfortable.

Comes with this package.

* Do not start engine while this product is attached to the cigar lighter socket.
* This product is designed for a Japanese 12V or 24V negative ground power supply only. You may not use it depending on the shape and model of the cigar socket.

Size table
DC connector parts Approx. H: 6 x W: 2.5 x D: 3 cm
Lightning connector parts Approx. H: 1.4 × W: 1 x D: 0.4 cm
Code length Approx. 100 cm
Package Approx. H: 17.3 × W: 6 x D: 3.5 cm
Other specifications.
Material PVC, ABS
Rated output 5 V 2400mA
Rated input power DC12/24 V

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 22 July, 2014.

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