Colorant Superb Tempered Glass 9H Hardness for iPhone 5s/5c/5

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Maintain your privacy! Amazing protection of the highest level!
9H surface hardness. Even dirt can't get on this incredible privacy tempered glass film.

Peeking from an angle of 30 degrees is completely shut out!
ITG Colorant, known to provide a durable and beautiful screen, this privacy tempered glass film is now available!

You may want to keep people from seeing the screen of your phone in public areas like in the office, on a train, or at a park.

This tempered glass with special coating will solve that problem.

It is not only protecting your iPhone physically but also keeping people from peeking at your screen.

Also, the special coating won't get dirty easily and the 9H surface hardness protects from scratches even if you scratch it with a knife or screw driver.

Even if the tempered glass gets cracked, it has an anti-shattering coating.

Privacy tempered glass with special coating

With the special coating, it blocks people from peeking at your screen 30 degrees from center of the screen. Keep your privacy even in public.

The difference is obvious!

Clear visibility with the special blind coating yet it prevents others from seeing your screen.

Provides a sense of security, when you don't need to worry about someone looking at your screen.

You feel way safer just by using this privacy tempered film.
Protects all pictures, documents, or email that you don't want to share with anyone.

Perfect thickness with the best performance.

Because it uses the hardest glass, it provides you a 9H surface hardness which is three times harder than PET film.
Even with a knife or key, your screen is safe from scratches.

Keep the original touch feeling
You can operate it the with same touch that is required for an iPhone screen.

New anti-oil function, oleophobic coating
Even stronger anti-oil function protects your screen from fingerprints, dust, or oil.

Anti-shattering coating
Even if tempered glass gets cracked, the glass fragments will be tiny grains and won't be sharp. It is pretty safe compared to other glass products, which makes this great for small kids.

Comes in this package.
* This product won't protect your screen fully. We are not responsible for any damage caused by the use of this product.

Size table
Package Approx. H: 18.8 × W: 10 × D: 1.6 cm
Other specifications.
Material Made in Japan tempered glass
Included Comoponents 1 Tempered glass film, Microfiber cloth, Dust removal sticker, Cloth with alcohol

This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 02 August, 2014.

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