[Free Shipping & SALE] 20% OFF The Bears' School and Sanrio Little Twin Stars Sweets Squishy Set (Complete/13 Squishy)

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Model: SET-305-455-13
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The set includes
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The Bears' School (Bread / Jackie)

The Bears' School (Pancakes / Plain)

The Bears' School (Pancakes / Strawberry)

The Bears' School (Pancakes / Blueberry)

The Bears' School (Cupcake/Berry)

The Bears' School (Cupcake/Strawberry)

The Bears' School (Ice Cream/Chocolate)

The Bears' School (Ice Cream/Strawberry Marble)

The Bears' School (Ice Cream/Grape)

Sanrio Little Twin Stars Macaroon (Pink)

Sanrio Little Twin Macaroon (Yellow)

Sanrio Little Twin Macaroon (Pastel pink)

Sanrio Little Twin Macaroon (Green)

The Bears' School Squishy Sweets
Mascot Ball Chain

Jackie has turned into squishy charms!

Bread Pancakes
Bears' School has turned into squishy sweets mascots! Squishy pancakes and bread are shaped as Jackie's cute face. So soft and squishy! The mascot comes with a ball chain and you can attach it to your bag, purse, pouch, and anything you want.
The Bears' School / Pancakes Approx. H: 6.0cm x W: 5.5cm x D: 3.0 cm
The Bears' School / Bread Approx. H: 6.7cm x W: 8.4cm x D: 5.0 cm
The Bears' School / Ice Cream Ice Cream Approx. H: 7.6cm x W: 5.6cm x D: 3.3 cm
The Bears' School / Cupcake Approx. H: 6.0cm x W: 5.5cm x D: 4.0 cm
Little Twin Stars / Macaroon Approx. H: :4.0 x W: 4.5 x D: 2.0 cm
Material Polyurethane

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 08 August, 2014.

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