Easy Selfie Capture Smartphone Long Stand (Pink)

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Great for taking selfies!
Maximum length is 109cm! Self portrait stand with a remote controller

I am not good at taking a selfie! Have you ever had this experience or said this to yourself?
This incredible long stand with remote controller will surely solve your problem.

Simply download the original app and mount your smartphone on the adjustable stand.
Adjustable stand can be between 23cm and 109cm.
Take a picture using a remote controller with your favorite angle and you will see the difference!
It will be great when you are traveling alone but shy to ask people to take your picture!
No one will be missing from a group photo.
You can take a dynamic picture even in a place where you can't keep a great position such as festival.
Adjustable stand can be very compact which is easy to carry!

Easy selfie!
Convenient for any situations: alone or group!
Adjustable stand with 23cm to 109cm.
Have you experienced these things?
1. Can't take a natural selfie for blog site or memory.
-> With this you can take a great selfie easily!
@. Finally I took a picture with my friend at her wedding, but I was out of the frame...
-> You can take an important picture perfectly.

3. Traveling overseas! It is tough to ask foreigners...
->You can take as many as you want!

Easy to use!
1. Download original free application.
2. Open the downloaded app, "Snap remote".
3. Mount your smartphone on the stand. Simply take a picture using the remote controller.

1. Remote controller
Size: H: 6.8cm x W: 2.8cm x D: 1.3cm
Weight: 14.6g
Color: Pink / Black
Compatible OS: iOS5 - iOS7 / Android 4.0 - 4.3 * It is not compatible with SONY products.
Battery: CR2032
2. Stand
Size: 23cm x 109cm (*excluding the holder)
Weight: Approx. 128g
Color: Pink / Black
Weight to hold: Up to 500g
3. Smartphone holder
Size: H; 6.7cm x W: 9cm x D: 2.5cm
Weight: 21.7g
Color: Pink / Black
Compatible smartphone width size: 5.5cm - 7.2cm

* When you get this message, please follow the operation.
Message: "Snap Remote" is requesting to access to microphone.
-> Press "OK".
Message: "Snap Remote" is requesting to access to pictures.
-> Press "OK".

Comes in this package.
* Sony smartphones are not supported.
* Support OS:iOS5.1 or later / Android4.0 or later
* A high note sound rings when you press the shutter and switch button as a specification.
* The ability of shooting distance might be different depending on location and environment.

Size table
Body (minimum) Approx. H: 28.3 x W: 9 x D: 2.2 cm
Stretchable size 23-109 cm
Package Approx. H: 35.6 × W: 12.8 x D: 3.2 cm
Other specifications.
Strap hole -It includes a strap hole.
Included Components Adjustable stand, Holder, Remote controller, Strap
Operable distance Up to 8 m
Battery Button cell batteries
Supported OS iOS5.1 or later / Android4.0 or later
Compatible smartphone width 5.5-7.2 cm

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 08 October, 2014.

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