Crystal Armor Gorilla Glass 0.33 mm LCD Protective Film/Sticker for iPhone 6 Plus(Round Edge)

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No bubbles and a surface hardness of 9H! It won't get scratches even with a box knife.
Tempered glass protects your big screen beautifully and firmly.

Crystal armour series is a popular tempered glass screen protector.

Thickness of the tempered glass is only 0.33 mm. You will barely notice that you are using it.
Surface hardness is 9H which protects your screen firmly and doesn't get scratches easily even with a box knife or key.

Glossy type with clear texture.
Has a round edge finish which is safe and provides you a smooth texture.
Also, even if you drop your iPhone, the glass won't shatter.

1. Remove dust or dirt on the screen with cloth.
2. Peel protecting film from backside(sticky side).
3. Place the glass on the screen using corners as a guide.
4. Press 4 corners and adjust the position if necessary.
5. After positioning is done, press it from center to top/bottom.
6. Prevent getting bubbles from sides. It sticks on all of the glass.

Left: Anti-glare / Right:Clossy clear
* This product won't protect your screen fully. We are not responsible for any damage caused by the use of this product.

Size of iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus screen protecting films.

Screen protecting film for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are smaller than the actual display size.
Because the screen glass has a curved surface, if screen protecting film covered whole screen, then the edges would come off. That is why it is designed to cover the flat part only.

Also, the screen might flick because the edges of the film interfere with screen lights. This is not inferior.

The red line is the size of screen protecting film.
* This is a sample image. The holes and detailed specifications may differ.

Size table
Thickness 0.33 mm
Other specifications.
Main material Tempered glass
Included Components Tempered glass, Microfiber cloth

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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 18 November, 2014.

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