Hamee Original Hamee Dokkiri Hand Figure Smartphone Stand (Yumi's hands)

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Model: 54-839522
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Die-cut hand. Realistic woman's hand.
Yumi's hand holds your smartphone softly.

Still popular in a niche market, hand series released a Yumi's hand stand.
Lovely and delicate looking hand supports your smartphone.
Soft flexible material is used and your smartphone won't get damaged.

Made by a food sample craftsmen of Japan with great effort.
Because it is die-cut using a real woman's hand, wrinkles, fingerprints, nails and everything looks like a real one.
Great squishy feeling might remind you of the warmth of a woman.

It is a little bit creapy but you can play with the soft hand and imagine whatever you want.
Possibilities of this Yumi's hand are endless!

I've never seen a funny and cute stand that makes me feel not alone.

Give you a hand.
Are you looking for a place to put your smartphone? Then she will give a hand for you.
Heart warming hand will wrap your smartphone softly.
You feel safe with the lovely hand.

Die-cut with a real woman's hand.
Yumi's hand is die-cut using a real hand as a mold.
A lot of effort was put into making the hand hold the smartphone nicely.
To make a mold, she had to maintain the position of her han 3 times for 40 minutes. Finally it is done with a high quality.
* She is the model of Yumi's hand.

Realistic hand made by well experienced Japanese food sample craftmen.
But wrinkles, fingerprints and nails...it is just like a real hand.
Delicate hand!
You can read the palm.
Neat nails.
It is not too creapy wrist.
Stable back of the hand.
Great touch feeling might be smoother than a real hand.

Useful at an office!
Great support during your work.
It will surely stand out , you might be able to get to talk with more people.

Hold your precious stuff.
It is also great as a tray for your accessories.
Because it stands out, you won't lose it. Also, it is great to think about your fashion coordination.

Go out with it!
You can make a scary picture.
For a prank.
Pretend like a friend?

It is a great interior?!
It is like a mystery or horror show if you put it on your plant.

How about practicing for a proposal??
Because it is a real hand size, it would be great for practicing to propose to your girl friend.

Great combination with Nami's hand case!
* Nami's hand is sold separately.
* This product is handmade, there are individual differences.
* Property on the product shape, this item will be shipped in a simple package.
* Please do not scare older people or people whose heart is weak.
* Please note that is used elastic material, but is not as soft as hand.
* Sometimes, it wobbles when holding vertically depending on the size of the Smartphone.
* This product doesn't work for a tablet PC.
Size table
Body Approx. H: 9.5 × W: 15 x D: 8.5 cm
Other specifications.
Main material Vinyl chloride
Production Made in Japan

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This product was added to our catalog on Friday 16 January, 2015.

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