Kracie Happy Kitchen Decoration Pizza Making Kit

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Kracie educational snack series
Tastes and looks exactly like real pizza
Happy kitchen mix pizza

Kracie educational snack series
Happy kitchen mix pizza
Looks like real pizza!
Authentic taste!
Taste and looks exactly like the real thing! Mix Pizza, joined the happy kitchen series! It is a fun snack making toy that you can make 2 whole pizzas, cut face potatoes and grapefruit soda. Knead the dough and roll it to make a pizza shape. Put tomato sauce and hot dog meat and cheese on it! You can make your original pizza★ Put the pizza in a microwave and the pizza will be ready to eat. Also, you can make a pizza box as well.


Manual English version, click here. large PDF.


1. Make potatos
Put potato mix into the tray ☆ and add 2 triangle cups of water. Mix it well. Put the potato into a potato mold and press it with your finger to make it flat. Microwave it and after cooling it down, take it out. Break it into 4 using the lines.

2. Get ready to make pizza
- Pizza dough
Put pizza mix into the tray ☆ and add 4 triangle cups of water. Mix it well using a backside of spoon. Knead the dough till the dough surface becomes smooth. * It might stick to your hands. Add some water if it is necessary. Divide into 2. Use the size guide and roll it out to make 6cm diameter circle. Place it on a plate that can be used in a microwave.

- Cheese
Put cheese mix into the tray ♪ and add triangle cup of water. Mix it well. Take it out and place it on the cutting board sheat.

- Tomato sauce
Put tomato sauce mix into the tray ♪ and add 2 triangle cups of water. Mix it well. Mix it well.

- Get ready to make hot dog meat
Cut the hot dog meat mix package on the line 1 and put it into the tray ☆. * Save the package for later use. Add 2 triangle cups of water and mix it well. Put it back into the package. Fold the package twice with the line 2 and 3. Cut the edge of the package.

3. Add the topping to the pizza dough
Cut the cheese into tiny size. Put some tomato sauce onto the pizza dough and spread it out. Squeeze out the hot dog meat from the hole on the package. Sprinkle some cheese and it is ready to cook.

* Make a pizza box and potato sheet and juice cup.

Lastly, fill some water into the juice cup till about 1cm from the top. Add the grape soda mix and mix it well.

You can put 1 pizza into a box.


* For small children, please parents make it together.

* You need water, scissors, and microwave.

[Product data]
Package size: H: 130 x W: 147 x D: 45mm
Flavour: Pizza & potato
Included Components: Tray,  Spoon, Cup, Potato mix, Pizza dough mix, Cheese mix,
Tomato sauce mix, Hot dog meat mix, Grape soda mix
※ The tray shape might be different from the picture.

Ingredients: starch, sugar, dextrin, vegetable oil, potato powder, egg white powder, gelatin, grits, salt, whey powder, vegetable powder, cheese powder, yeast extract powder, protein hydrolysates, maltose, pork powder, oil powder, meat powder, edible oil, spices, powder source, processing starch, leavening agent, sodium caseinate, emulsifiers, calcium phosphate, acidulant, colouring (caramel, gardenia, vegetable dye, red yeast rice, carotenoids), baking soda, Seasonings (amino acid etc.), flavoring, calcium carbonate, Silicon oxide granules, spice extract, cum pussy, (including some of the raw materials in wheat, soybeans, pork)
Contents: 30 g / Made in Japan

Allergic substances (mandatory & recommended items): milk, eggs, wheat, soybeans, pork, and gelatin

[Nutritional facts (30 g)]
Heat power: 132 kcal, protein :2.1g, lipid :4.4g, carbs: 21 g,
Sodium: 312 mg calcium: 123 g

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 06 February, 2015.

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