Hamee Original Hamee Compact Mini 2 Port USB Car Charger for Smartphone/ Tablet PC (White)

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Charge your smartphone while driving!
2 devices can be charged at the same time with this 2 port car charger.

Easy and fast charging smartphone easy during driving.
Simply insert this product into a cigar lighter socket.

It supports both the iPhone and Android with existing charging cable!
2.4A and 1A, 2 ports are onboard, so that you can charge 2 smartphones at the same time.
Further more, it supports a smartphone and tablet charging at the same time.
Even with 2 devices charging, the output results are still same which allows to charge it quickly.

It is nice to be able to charge both driver's and passenger's smartphone at the same time. You don't need to worry about battery during travel.
Provides you more comfortable and stress-free driving.

Colorful 5 colors are available.
Pick out your favorite color or matching color with your car interior.


Smartphone and tablet PC at the same time!
Quick charge in a car.

This amazing car charger has 2 USB ports!
It can charge all devices that support a USB charging such as smartphone or tablet PC.
Available to charge 2 smartphones or smartphone and tablet PC at the same time.
With high output it makes charging quick.

The first USB port provides 1A for a smartphone
The second USB port provides 2.4A for a tablet PC

Even with 2 devices charging, it still provides the same output.

Also, compatible with other devices that support USB charging!
Digital camera, mobile Wi-Fi or portable game device
* You may have to prepare a USB charging cable or converter.

Colorful charger provides you fun colors while driving!
Most car chargers are available in black or white only.

Tiny size won't take up too much space.
When you insert it into a cigar socket, the size of the car charger sticking of the ciger socket is only 18mm.
Small woman's handful size.

It will be become a neccesary item for your driving!
Use driving time to charge smartphone!
You can use the GPS app on a smartphone without any fear of losing battery.
It is perfect for traveling too!

Compatible with other USB devices!
Charge portable game device or digital camera in your car!
* You may have to prepare a USB charging cable or converter. Please check your device if it supports USB charging.

Great color selection!
Hamee also has a Lightning charging cable which has a same color as this product.
Both car charger and Lightning cable adopted iPhone 5C colors. If you have iPhone 5C, you can coordinate with the same color!

White / Yellow / Green
Pink / Blue

Simply insert it into a cigar socket.
No setting is needed! Insert this product into a car cigar socket, then it is ready to use.
When you connect an existing cable and your device, it will start charging it.
* Please do not start your engine with this product in the cigar socket.
To charge a smartphone and tablet PC at the same time.
Connect a tablet PC to the 2.4A port.
Connect a smartphone to the 1A port.

LED light (when it is charging, it will light.)
USB port/1A (for smartphone)
USB port/2.4A (for tablet PC)

LED light
Slipping resistance
Car charger tip part

Comes in this package.
* USB cable is not included with the product.
* Do not start your engine while this product is in the cigar lighter socket. It may cause failure of connected devices or data loss etc..
* Product domestically produced for a car's 12V power supply (negative ground) only. You may not use it depending on the shape of the cigar socket and its model.
Size table
Body Approx. H: 5.7 × W: 2.8 x D: 2.4 cm
Package Approx. H: 13.5 x W: 7.4 x D: 3.4 cm
Other specifications.
Rated input power DC 12-18 V
Rated output 2.4 V / 1 A
Main material ABS

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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 27 May, 2015.

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