Hamee Original DIVAID Floating Waterproof case for Smartphone (Black)

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You can operate the touch screen, take a picture, and talk on the phone through the case! Floating waterproof case.
Convenient for when you go to the ocean, pool, snowy areas and hot springs.

"DIVAID", floating waterproof case supports various smartphones, even a 5.8 inch screen smartphone.
Even if you drop your smartphone in the water it will be easy to find it because this case floats.
Waterproof case protects your smartphone at 20m depth of water for about 30 minutes

- Dust-and waterproof rating at IP68 which is the highest of the international standard.
- Comes with a carabiner and neck strap.
- Has a great floating function
- Provides protection from water temperatures between -10 °c to 45 °c.

Have fun without worrying about the sea, swimming pool, water shows, or snow!

No more fear at waterside!!

Amazingly floats on the water.

Air cushion with special structure.
It will be able to float with up to 300g mass(including this product).
Even a smartphone with coins still floats.

Waterproof and dust resistant which meets the international standard, IP68
Dust and water won't get in it. You can use your smartphone at the ocean, pool, and bath beach side without worrying about your smartphone getting damaged by water.

What is IP68?
The highest level of the international standard for water and dust resistance.
Water proof at 20m depth of water for about 30 minutes.
Level 6 dust resistance: Dust won't get inside.(dustproof)
Level 8 water resistance: Can be used in water conditions more severe than IPX7*.
*Level 7 water resistance: It is not flooded even when submerged for 30 minutes at a 1 m water depth.

Black / White / Pink

1. Pull 2 stoppers on the top till 90 degrees.
2. Insert your smartphone into the case.
3. Squeeze the air out from the inside of the case. Make sure that you can operate your smartphone.
4. Put the stoppers back into the lock position.

Using a neck strap, helps protect your case from falling off.

You can attach it to your belt loop using a carabiner.

Galaxy S6 Edge: Fits great.
Galaxy Note 3: It is a slightly bigger than compatible size. It fits very tightly.
AQUOS ZETA: Fits great.
iPhone 6: Fits great but sometimes the fingerprint authentication function won't work.
iPhone 6 Plus: It is a slightly bigger than compatible size. It fits tightly.
Xperia Z3: Fits great.

- Waterproof case
- Neck strap
- Carabiner

Comes in this package.

* This product works as a waterproof case only when it is perfectly sealed.
* We are not responsible for breaking your device by falling or immersing.
* 300 g is the max mass at which this product will float.
* Under water taking picture or operating are not supported.
Table of sizes
Outside dimensions Approx. H: 21 x W: 11.5 × D: 1.7 cm
Inside dimensions Approx. H: 18 × W: 10.2 cm
Supported screen sizes Up to approx. H: 15 x W: 7.2 cm
Carabiner Approx. H: 6.1 x W: 2.9 × D: 0.5 cm
Strap length Approx. 50 cm
Package Approx. H: 26.4 x W: 16.7 x D: 2.4 cm
Other specifications.
Main material ABS, PVC, Nylon, Aluminum, Steel
Strap hole It includes a strap hole.
Included components Waterproof case, Neck strap, Carabiner
Water temperature -10 ° c ~ 45 ° c
Buoyancy Guide Approx. 300 g

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This product was added to our catalog on Friday 05 June, 2015.

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