Fridgeezoo-24 English Speaking Storage Type Animal Shaped Fridge Gadget (Penguin)

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NEW English Version
Fridgeezoo Speaking Storage Type Animal Fridge Gadget Pet
Petit eco gadgets that start talking as soon as you open the refrigerator
冷蔵庫保管型ガジェット!Fridgeezoo24 (フリッジィズー24)

The animals living in the refrigerator speak in English!
Open the fridge and spot the Fridgeezoo24 English version gadget! Two pets are available: Cheerful nice guy as "polar bear" and healthy intelligent girl as "penguin"
Animals that live in the refrigerator speak according to your time!
24-twenty four- function "equipped with Furijji~izu 24! The pet speaks according to the time zone! It will greet you in the morning and you will hear "soon to sleep?" and other comments in the evening. Change lines to chat to match the time zone. It will get angry if you stay up late!
One button simple setting ♪
Once Furijji~izu 24 arrives, make sure to set the time! Give the pet a guide at around 7 am to 8, when you press the button on the body. The animals will remember the time ♪
The new design body helps
batteries to last longer!
Newly designed body helps it fit easily in the fridge. It also helps batteries last long and battery replacement is now also easy ♪
? Cheerful nice guy
refrigerator of the life of in
you are enjoying him Nari
It seems there is a plan to want to do something - in the refrigerator

※ English Version
Polar Bear (English)
Polar Bear (English ver.)
- Energetic intelligent girl
- well say that it was enigmatic sudden and saying
also it seems sing song very rare-

※ English Version
Penguin (English)
Penguin (English ver.)

[Appearance of voice]
? Polar Bear (English): Philip Cotsford (actor, English instructor)
-Penguin (English): Ananda Jacobs (artist, actress, etc ...)

[Product Data]
Product Size: H78xW51xD48 (mm), Weight: about 65g, power: AAA batteries x2 this (sold separately),
Material: ABS, voice types: 40 types, PKG size: H105xW63xD63 (mm) ※ This item , it has become a English version. All voice to be built has become English. Please note.

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 18 November, 2015.

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