Deff x Asahi High Grade LCD Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 6s Plus / 6 Plus (Blue Light Reduction / Full Front / 0.33mm / Black)

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Deff x Asahi High Grade LCD Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 6s Plus / 6 Plus

Glass film protects the edge of iPhone 6S Plus/6 Plus screen.
Blue light cut is good for eyes!

- Support 3D touch which is adopted by the iPhone 6S series.
- Covers screen as close as possible to the edge
- Asahi glass has high transmittance and a 9H surface hardness.

- Reduce the discomfort of shiny glass blinding you with this high-quality printing that helps prevent reflection.
- Easy to install and comfortable touch surface
- blue light blocker style screen protector is easy on your eyes.

Strong protection to the edge
Because iPhone 6 series has a curved screen, usual screen protecting film has unnatural lines around speakers and the home button. This product incuded a special sticky layer and color frame printing to prevent lifting and provide great vision.
* This does not cover 100% to the edge.

Asahi glass
Asahi glass screen protecting film protects the screen against strong impacts with high transmittance.
High-end finish of edge with round edge processing. Also, the special surface finish helps prevent getting fingerprints and dirt on the screen. Bubbles won't remain between the sticky layer and screen. Silicone sheet prevents shattering even if it gets cracked.

Left: usual product
Right: this product

Surface hardness 9H
It won't get scratches easily even with sharp stuff such as a box knife or key.
Left: usual protecting film
Right: this product

Round edge finish
Round edge finish providing high-end look and increased fit feeling.

Easy to cleaning
Even make-up foundation clean off easily with the special coating.

Fingerprint and oil resistance
Smooth touch feeling prevents from getting fingerprints or dirt.

Black / White
* This product won't protect your screen fully. We are not responsible for any damage caused by the use of this product.
Package Approx. H: 20.9 x W: 10.5 x D: 1 cm
Other specifications.
Included components 1 Glass film, 1 alcohol pad, 1 dust removal sheet

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 19 November, 2015.

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