DecoLatte Coffee Decoration Thin Eatables Floater(AB-SET) (San-X Rilakkuma / Bonjour)

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Due to polularity of Snoopy and Rilakkuma they designed Attractive Deco Latte

You simply put it on your favorite hot drink☆
Easy latte art!
Deco Latte

There are 3 different characters: Original, Rilakkuma, and Snoopy.
Ideal for Coffee, Milk, and Cafe latte.
* It contains calcium.
* Hot drink only.
* Comes 10 sheets in a package.

You simply put a sheet on your drink, then you can enjoy latte art!

Deco Latte

We tried the popular Deco Latte.
Package design is like this. There 3 different characters and each package has a different design. On the bottom of the package says "Contains calcium", which means it also good for your health. This product is for hot drinks only and 10 sheets in a package.
Small cut on the edge of the package to open easily.
Let's open the package. Also, on the package says that this product doesn't have a milk flavour. However "Latte" is espresso with foamed milk, you can use it for a lot of hot drinks such as coffee, cocoa, and milk tea.
10 different design of sheets in a package♪
Pick one to fit the situation☆
Simply put it on a hot drink☆
10 sheets in a Deco Latte package. Each sheet has a different design which makes it difficult to pick one. The key point is that when you put it on a hot drink, try not get wet on the surface. By folding the edge near the tiny cut, it is easy to put on. However it might be better to use both hands if you use a deep cup.
Warm you up with the message too♪
After 10 seconds to a few minutes you put it on a hot drink, the sheet starts to melt and looks like a real latte art. If you wait to melt the sheet all the way, the drink gets cold. So, let's just mix t with a spoon and drink it. It won't affect the drink's taste.

【Product Data】
Package : W: 130 x H: 160 x D: 10(mm)
Included Components:10 sheets(10 different designs)

* Enjoy with coffee, milk, and cafe latte whose temperature is 40〜98℃.
* This product won't work with a carbonated drink or alcohol.
* Deco Latte doesn't have a milk flavour.
* This product will melt in a drink.
* This product won't change the drink taste.

(c) 2014 Peanuts Worldwide LLC
(c) 2014 San-X Co., Ltd. All Reserved.
Ingriedients:Gelatin, Calcium, Natural food color, Thickener, Preservative(This product is made a factory that is using soy beans.)

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 25 November, 2015.

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