Simasima ZOOPY Cover for iPhone iPhone 6s / 6 (Rabbit / White)

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Fluffy white rabbit is giving your iPhone a hug!
Face behind your screen, back side and paws, everything is so cute!
What is this?! Too cute ~ ~-~ ♪ ♪!
ZOOPY, cute stuffed animal case for the iPhone 6S/6, is now available.

White rabbit has a fluffy and great texture with rounded eyes and big ears.
The stuffed animal itself is already cute. If you put it on your iPhone, it is even cuter because it looks like it is giving a hug.

Enjoy operating your smartphone while touching a fluffy body.
It is actually easier to hold than you think.
The cute face peeking out from your smartphone is just adorable and will make you "hoppy" all the time.

If you lay down, you can use it as a stand.
Because the paws are sticking out, even if you put it face down, your screen won't get scratches.
The fluffy body is easy to find even if you put it in your bag.

It would be a great gift!
Enjoy your daily smartphone life with cute ZOOPY.

Fluffy white rabbit holds on to your smartphone.

You can use it as a stand.

Screen won't touch the surface.

* The pictures are sample images. Please use this product as a case.

1. Put bottom of iPhone into the case.
2. Put left hand from around the side.
3. Put the right hand on the iPhone, then it is ready to use.

Cute! Perfect as a gift.

There is a different color available.
* This product is not washable.
* Please take this product off when you use a camera.
* The design might be different from the pictures.
* You can't use it with a screen protecting film.

* Please take this product off, before you charge your device when using a cradle.

Body case Approx. H: 16 x W: 7 x D: 8 cm
Package Approx. H: 20.5 x W: 10 x D: 6.5 cm
Other specifications.
Main material Polyester, cotton, polyurethane, ABS
Included components Case
Strap hole It does not include a strap hole.

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 02 February, 2016.

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