Hamee Original MFi Alumi 2-Way Lightning Cable with Micro USB Adapter (1m / Silver)

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Aluminum cable with elegant gloss and high-end color.
Supports Lightning and micro USB cables with a 2 way cap.

If you carry both the micro USB cable and Lightning cable for tablet PC and smartphone, then this is for you!
Have you ever felt that carrying two cables is inconvenient or takes a lot of space because the cords get tangled?

Hamee released a cable that solves those problems.
With a cap, you can use either the micro USB or the Lightning connector.

Since it has an USB connector, you can charge it with a USB port on a computer or AC adaptor with a USB port.

- Apple certified product which supports OS updates.
- Easy 2 ways by using the cap
- Simple design won't take too much space in a bag
- Adopted aluminum material which is inspired by the beautiful iPhone design.
- Gorgeous coloring will match with iPhone original colors

2 way cable with a gorgeous aluminum material
High-end look aluminum matches perfectly with iPhone.
You can charge Android or tablet PC as well as iPhone.

Supports both micro USB and Lightning cable.
By using a cap, you can switch between USB and Lightning connectors.

You can charge iPhone, Android and tablet PC with this product.

If you bring both micro USB and Lightning cables, they get tangled easily in a bag and take too a lot of space.
This incredible cable can keep the inside of your bag organized!

Original Apple Certified products which works with updates as well.

1m cable is useful when...
your outlet is a bit far away from your computer.
you are on a business trip or traveling.
you want to operate or talk on the phone while your charger is in your bag.
you want to have an extra charger.
you wan to keep one in a bag.

* The AC adaptor is not included.

Even more stylish to use an optional earphones to match.
* The earphones are not included.

Silver / Gold

Space Grey / Rose Gold

Stylish cable colors will perfectly match your iPhone's color.
Also, you can enjoy a combination of different colors.

No need to worry about losing the cap.

Comes in this package.

Sometimes, you can't insert the connector when you have a case on your device.
The connector is bigger than the original Lightning cable. Sometimes, this product may not be able to be used depending on size of the connector hole on a case.
Code length Approx. 100 cm
Lightning connector part Approx. H: 2.1 × W: 1.1 x D: 0.4 cm
microUSB connector part Approx. H: 2.5 × W: 1.1 x D: 0.4 cm
Package Approx. H: 18 × W: 6 x D: 1.8 cm
Other specifications.
Main material Aluminum, copper, PVC, PE

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 17 February, 2016.

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