Neko Atsume Kitty Collector Universal Sticky Pad Phone Case (Cat Memento)

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Neko Atsume Phone Case?Collect those kitties!

This super cute Japanese app game lets you collect kitties. Now, collect them in real life with Neko Atsume cute products! Neko Atsume Kitty Collector is the cute cat collecting game from Japan that has taken the smartphone app game by storm! This game allows you to passively interact with cats and "collect" them. Each cat has its own distinct personality and are adorable!

Popular smart phone application "Neko atsume" diary case is now available!
Cute cats will heal you.

The goal of the smartphone application, "Neko atsume", is to feed cats and provide them with a comfortable place to spend their time.
Super popular "Neko atsume" turned into a diary smartphone case!
Cute cats are on the case which will heal you!
It will make you want to use it everyday because of its great features.

-Multi-case supports various sizes of smartphone.
-Easy installation with adhesive tape.
-Simply slide the smartphone up to use camera.
-Easy open and close magnet closure
-2 useful card pockets are inside
-Supports up to Approx. H: 14.6 x W: 7.2 x D: 0.75 cm

Compatible with various smartphones
Up to Approx. H: 14.6cm x W: 7.2cm x D; 0.75cm

Perfect size: AQUOS ZETA SH-01H
Device size: Approx. H: 13.9cm x W: 7.4cm x D: 0.79cm

Small smartphone: Xperia A2 SO-04F
Device size: Approx. H: 12.8cm x W: 6.5cm x D: 0.97cm

Slightly small smartphone: iPhone 6S
Device size: Approx. H: 13.38cm x W: 6.71cm x D: 0.71cm

Slightly sticks out : iPhone 6S Plus
Device size:
Approx. H: 15.82cm x W: 7.79cm x D: 0.73cm

Adhesive sticker is easy to install.

Available to use a camera

Rare Cats/Tubbs/Manzoku-san
Cat Memento
All The Cats

Comes in this package.
* Please take this product off, before you charge your device when using a cradle.

Table of sizes
Body case Approx. H: 15.5 x W: 8.5 x D: 1.2 cm
Package Approx. H: 19.5 x W: 9.5 × D: 1.5 cm
Other specifications.
Strap hole It does not include a strap hole.
Main material Polyurethane
Included components Case

This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 16 April, 2016.

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