Magnetic Car Mount Holder for Mobile Phone (Gray)

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Magnetic Smartphone Mount for Car?Simple installation, for various smartphones.

You can use this magnetic mount for various types of smartphones. Simply clip the mount into your air conditioner! No more sticky suction cups or mounts that will slide around your dashboard. Necessary for driving when you need to use your navigation! It is small and easy to install-you can easily transfer it to different cars. There is no glue or residue that will dirty up your car, so no more stress!

Insert the included plate to your smartphone so it sticks to the magnet holder. Two plates are included. You can attach it to your smartphone directly, insert it in the card pocket of a case, or insert it between your smartphone and case. You no longer have to worry about adhesive strength of your car mount. The ball joint lets you have 360 degree mobility. You can even charge your smartphone while you are using this mount.

Magnetic car mount holder solves problems that occur with usual mounts.
- Typically glue from traditional mounts stays on a car dashbord and is unstable.
-> Magnetic holder provides a stable and strong mount with no glue residue.
-> Simple installation!
- Standard mounts take a lot of space and need a flat surface to install.
-> Compact design and requires such a tiny space.
- The arms of some typical mounts cover the display and may even scratch your screen.
-> With this magnetic mount, nothing covers your display.
- Typical mounts are frustrating to adjust arms and only fit certain sizes of phones.
-> This awesome mount supports so many sizes of smartphone.

Few ways to install.
Circle plate is for attaching to your smartphone or case of your smartphone directly.
Card shaped plate is for putting in a card pocket of a case or inserting it between a smartphone and a case.

Supports both ways! You can just rotete it to change the angle.

Nothing covers the display.
Also, it allows you to charge your smartphone while you are using the mount.

Black / Grey

How to assemble a magnet holder and ball joint.
1. Hold the magnet holder and loosen the screw.
2. Insert the ball joint to the mount till it clicks.
3. Tighten the screw. It will hold at your favorite angle.

How to install it to a car vent
1. Choose the mount based on the width of the vent.
2. Insert the magnet holder into the air conditioner.
3. Attach your smartphone with the plate.

How to use the plate.
Circle plate x smartphone: Attach it to the smartphone directly.
Card plate x case with a pocket: put it in the card pocket.
Circle plate x soft case: Insert it between the case and the smartphone.

Comes in this package.
* Do not operate your smartphone while driving.
* Sometimes the magnet is not strong enough to hold your device. If you are using a large sized smartphone, please use the circle plate to attach it directly.
* We reccommend using the circle plate with a soft case if you want to insert it between the case and the smartphone otherwise you may not be able to put the hard case on.
Product Approx. H: 4.5 × W: 4.8 × D: 6.2cm
Circle plate Approx. H: 5.2 × W: 5.2 × D: 0.1cm
Card plate Approx. H: 6.5 × W: 4.6cm
Package Approx. H: 14.5 × W: 8.5 × D: 4cm
Other specifications
Main material ABS, Silicone, Iron
Included components Magnet holder, ball joint, metal plate(circle), metal plate(card)

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 06 May, 2016.

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