Kusukko by Coco Iro Smartphone Pouch (Ribbon and Butterfly Picture Book)

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Detailed hand painting and warm design
A lot of cosmetic pouches, smartphone pouches, and regular pouches.

Kusukko reelased watercolor art series "coco iro".
Illustrations of watercolor painting are printed.
It is a warm design showing the spirit of the designer that cherishs hand printing.

There are 5 style types: caramel pouch, mini caramel pouch, pen pouch, smartphone pouch, and facial tissue pouch.
And 3 fashionable patterns; ribbon and butterfly picture book, sugar candy rain, and fish.

You can operate your smartphone through the clear pocket.
Comes with a shoulder strap which allows you to use it as a crossbody bag.
Can hold a large sized smartphone such as iPhone 6sPlus/6sPlus.
Useful for shopping or a music concert!

Warm text style of watercolor painting.

coco iro text style;
Ribbon and butterfly picture book: Ribbon butteflies are flying in a bright navy sky.
Sugar candy rain: Sweet and colorful rain!
Fish: A large group of fish swiming after a storm.

Caramel pouch and mini caramel pouch
Cute rounded shape like a caramel.
Useful shape holds a lot of small stuff.
Perfect for organizing small accessories such as cosmetic items, smartphone items, and snacks.

Facial tissue pouch
Cute facial tissue cover makes you want to carry all the time,
Has a zip pocket which is perfect to put lip stick, mini mirror, or eye drops.

Pen pouch
Slim pen pouch won't take up space in a bag.
Wide size can hold a lot!
You can actually put a large smartphone such as an iPhone 6S/6.

Smartphone pouch
You can operate your smartphone through the pouch.
Can be used as a crossbody bag with the included shoulder strap.
Can hold even a big smartphone like iPhone 6S Plus/6 Plus.
Hands-free bag is perfect for a music concert!

Table of sizes
Outside dimensions Approx. H: 17.5 x W: 10 x D: 2 cm
Shoulder belt length (including hook parts) Approx. 67-125 cm
Clear pocket size Approx. H: 16 x W: 9 cm
Other specifications.
Main material Cotton, polyester, PU
Package None

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 11 May, 2016.

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