Niconico Nekomura Cat Pounce Series Desktop Smartphone Stand (Tabby Cat)

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Popular Niconico Nekomura Cat products from Twitter are back with new smartphone stands! 3 designs available of super cute "Pounce Series" desktop stands

Nekomura Otako made waves on Twitter when she uploaded a sketch of a cute cat phone charm that she wished was a real product. It gained so much attention, that in a matter of a few days, a sample of her product idea was made! They were so popular, that now there are tons of Niconico Nekomura cat products for your phone!

Now, there are new smartphone stand products featuring the Niconico Nekomura cats! Under supervision from the artist, Nekomura Otako, these Pounce desktop phone stands were designed and created in collaboration with Hamee.

There are 3 different designs that feature different cats that are ready to pounce! Choose from a tortoiseshell cat, gray tabby cat, or orange tabby cat design. The base is made to look like a tatami mat and there are even detailed models of yarn balls and a feather toy. These cute stands can hold up your phone horizontally or vertically, and look great on a desk, nightstand, kitchen counter, or more! The cuteness of the cats will brighten up the space of any interior. If you are a cat person, this is the perfect accessory for you!

-Use this stand to prop up your phone to take pictures, watch a video, scroll through social media, or play games.

- Phone can be used to prop smartphones vertically or horizontally.

-Supports multiple smartphone types.

※ When using the stand, we cannot assume any responsibility to damage that may occur. Please do not put it someplace where it may fall.

※ Please take note of the small details and edges of the product that may be more susceptible to chips and breaks if not handled carefully.

※ There are some smartphone cases that may not work with the suction cup.

※ If you have weakened absorption force, please wipe the dirt and dust of the suction cup with a wet towel.

※ It is recommended to only use the suction cup stand with the phone horizontally. It is easy for the phone to fall if placed vertically and is not recommended.

Table of sizes
Body L 13.6 × H 5.7 x W 11.2 cm
Package L 14.2 x H 6.2 x W 13.2 cm
Weight Approx. 230 g
Other specifications.
Main material Polystone

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 20 May, 2016.

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