Niconico Nekomura Petit Cat Cup Hanging Figure (Set of 6 Cats)

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(C) Nekomura Otako / Pink Company.

Twitter-famous Niconico Nekomura cats dangle and create a soothing space.
Here it is! The Twitter-famous, extremely popular Niconico Nekomura cat! They make their appearance again with a brand new product! This time, you can cutely hang them on things like cups or edges. Easy to use: Hang Nyanko on things like cups, mugs, lap tops or little ledges using its limbs. They are just too cute! 
Including 6 cats, hang as many cats as you can and make s soothing space just for you!

How to Use? Simply hook these cats on the edge of glass, cup, and any bumps! The pads of their paws and backside are made with detail. Just looking at it from any angle will make you choke up like you are dying from the cuteness.

Cats are in 3 different poses: Hanging, Climbing, and, Holding. There are 6 types of cats. (3 poses x 2 types of cats)

  One cat is in this box. You get 6 boxes.  


You will get 6 cats (3 poses x 2 color cats)

* Please keep in mind that you may not be able to hook Nyanko on certain ledges due to thickness of the ledge.

* Keep out of reach of small children. It may cause a choking hazard.

Mascot (Hanging) Approx. H:4.3 x L:1.5 x D:2 cm
Mascot (Climbing) Approx. H:4 x L:2.2 x D:1.3 cm
Mascot (Holding) Approx. H:4 x L:1.5 x D:1.3 cm
Package Approx. H:6.1 x L:4 x D:3.6 cm

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 29 July, 2016.

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