Omoidori Album Scanner for iPhone 6s / 6 / SE / 5s / 5

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Your faded memories will be revived with Omoidori.
Easy to scan with iPhone that produces a beautiful resolution with an original technique.

Omoidori can digitize photos neatly and easily.
Because you can scan the picture from your album, you don't need to take pictures out which is a lot easier.
Original Omoidori technique allows you to scan photos beautifully.
You can easily edit photos in a convenient app, with features such as date recognition, 2 L size composition, cropping, red-eye correction.
Also, you can order photo prints or photo books online after you've scanned your photos with the Omoidori application.

Lightweight and you can use it with batteries which makes it easy to carry around.
It will be nice to bring it home to share kids pictures with your parents.

Easy to use and high quality
It is used to be hard to digitize old photos because it was difficult to peel them out from the photo album and with just scanning the page, there would often be reflections.
But with this amazing technology of Omoidori, you can scan old photos from your precious album without getting any reflections.

The secret is a double scan!
"W scan" is an original technology that scans 2 ways. It allows you to scan photos easily without taking photos out from album. (Patent pending)

Useful application
Date recognition
It can convert date information to Exif data that is recognized date automatically. You can sort pictures with the data to organize.
* Exif: Is data that records the date of picture taken and camera settings.
* The date recognition works with orange and white colored dates only.

2L composite photo
You can scan photos up to 2L size. It divides the larger photos in half, scans twice separately and put them togeter.
* If the photo is a close up picture of scenery, people, plants and animals, the may this function not work well.

Automatic triming and rotation.
It trims automatically for suitable size.
And also, it rotates based on the direction of a face in the photograph.
Easy to scan a lot of photos!

Red-eye correction
Even if there are red-eyes in the photo, it will correct the color.

Printing service
You can order photo prints or book online through the Omoidori application.
You can make a photo book with your favorite pictures. And also, it would be a great gift as well.
* Photo prints will be printed at the Fuji film factory and will be shipped to your address.

email and SNS
You can attach the photo to an email or share it on SNS using Omoidori application.
You will be able to talk about your good old days.

Cloud service
You can easily share photos with people far away with this cloud service.
Also, it is nice to use it as a backup.

Digital photo album
Digital photo album allows you to put scanned shots on TV and share with family and friends.

Scan everywhere
Runs on batteries and is lightweight so it is easy to carry around.

Even for curved photos
For curved photos that are not on photo album, we recommend you to use a photo presser. Press the photo flat and then scan it. You can attach it to Omoidori with magnet.

Let's scan photo!
1. Open the Omoidori. The power will be on automatically.

2. Place your iPhone and start the application.
* Please take your iPhone case off when you use Omoidori.
* Please use the included attachment for iPhone SE/5s/5.

3. Place Omoidori over the photo that you want to scan. The scanning will start by tapping it. It scans both left and right sides and then combines the data.
* The data will be saved in iPhone camera roll.

4. Tap thumbnail to check the scanned data.

For large sized photo(2L size mode)
This mode is for larger sizes than L size.
After scanning both left and right sides, it will combine the data.
* The maximum size is 2L size.

Edit scanned data!
A lot of great functions such as rotation, triming, red-eye correction, and date recognition.

Order photo prints and book!
You can easily order photo prints and books through the application.
* You can even select data from your camera roll.

Compatible models
iPhone 6s/6/SE/5s/5
* Please use the included attachment for the iPhone SE/5s/5.

Product size
Open: Approx. 14.2 cm 11.2cm x 15.8cm
Close:Approx. 15.2cm x 11.2cm x 3.2cm

Included components
Product, attachment, 2 AAA batteries for test, manual, package

Sample images
* These are scanned by iPhone 6s
* iPhone 6 s Plus, Plus 6, 5 c, 4 S, 4, 3GS, 3 G, iPad, iPad mini, iPod touch and Android are not supported.
* This product does not include an iPhone.
* Only those who own an Apple ID of the Japan-only app "Omoidori" in the App Store can download free offers. The Omoidori requires to use the app.

Table of sizes
Body (open) Approx. H: 14.2 x W: 11.2 x D: 15.8 cm
Body (close) Approx. H: 15.2 x W: 11.2 x D: 3.2 cm
Weight Approx. 310 g (battery powered)
Other specifications.
Compatible models iPhone 6 s, 6, SE, 5s, 5 * iPhone SE, 5s, 5 requires touse the attachment.
Private sources White LED×4 unit
Scan range L medium-format pictures (89 mm × 127 mm) * synthesis: from 2 L medium-format pictures (127 mm x 178 mm)
Power supply 2 x AAA batteries (alkaline batteries recommended) * 1000-sheet continuous scan (our test conditions)
App Omoidori (iOS 8.0 or later)
Included components Body, attachment, 2 AAA test batteries, manual

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 15 September, 2016.

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