Fridgeezoo Hogen Speaking Storage Type Animal Shaped Refrigerator Gadgets (Seal / Hiroshima)

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New release! Speaking with dialect!?


Refrigerator gadgetFridgeezoo

A new friend has appeared.

Thank you for waiting patiently!Finally it is coming out.
Hiroshima and Fukushima dialect.

Fridgeezoo HOGEN

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For everyday use
For "a very first drink after you wake up" or "a special treat after hard work". To open a refrigerator is a special time and happens a lot for your daily life.
Simply put it in a refrigerator.
Fridgeezoo is a new refrigerator gadget with a totally new concept of adding an entertainment to a refrigerator.
Prevents wasting electricity
If you leave the refrigerator door too long, it will remind you that you are wasting the electricity.
Fridgeezoo HOGEN
Fukushima and Hiroshima dialect
The voice was recorded by a person who is from the area. This product has authentic dialect as the sounds were recorded by native speakers. And also, Seiji Kimura the vocalist from ZEPPET STORE, is known for the Fukushima dialect.

・Polar Bear(Fukushima):Seiji Kimura(ZEPPET STORE、etc…)

By listening to strong yet soft dialect, you will be healed by thinking about your home town.

New friends are available in FridgeeZoo series.
Polar Bear and Seal

New functions have been added!
2 years after the first Fridgeezoo was released...
They came back from all over the Japanese refrigerator disguised as a milk bottle.
That's why they speak dialect.
It will heal you with the dialect and also there are some more new functions...

3 new points

Soft and warm dialect. 4 kinds total; Iwate, Kyoto, Kagoshima, and Okinawa.

Milk bottle
Warm rounded shape not like a milk carton. Cork is on top as an accent.

Surprising new function! Burp feature is installed! When you push down the cork, it burps or sneezes.

Other pluses for this version:
There are twice as many recorded sounds! There is even a secret voice too!!
Because it is a milk bottle design, you can customize it with your taste. * The decoration is not included.

Hiroshima and Fukushima are now available!
The World of Fridgeezoo is expanding!!
【Product data】
Size:Approx. H: 76.8 x W: 48 x D: 48(mm)
Battery:LR44(test battery is included)

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 19 December, 2016.

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